Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Documentary Update

10 January 2024
Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan

A scene from “Harry & Meghan”, a Netflix documentary about Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan.  (Photo: Duke And Duchess Of Sussex/Netflix via PA Media/dpa)

It appears that there has now been a final break with the royal family after the first episodes of the Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan” were released.

A wave of outrage has been unleashed in Great Britain over the first episodes of Prince Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary. The palace is said to be “sad” and brother William “pissed off.” The Daily Express newspaper reported on Friday that “the royals were deeply upset by Harry’s insults.”

The Telegraph quoted a royal insider as saying the couple wanted to overthrow the monarchy. Conservative MPs have called for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to be stripped of their titles.

There were no big hits

There were no direct attacks on members of the Royal Family in the first three episodes of “Harry & Meghan,” which have been available since Thursday. The couple talked about their relationship and showed excerpts from their marriage proposal. With a view to the royal family, the two, who have not been active members of the royal family for a long time, addressed topics that have been in the news since the interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021: how to deal with racism and British colonial history since the entanglements with the British tabloid press. However, there were no firecrackers as expected.

“If you saw the trailers and thought Prince Harry and Duchess Meghann, Netflix’s heavily promoted new series, was going to be explosive, prepare to be disappointed,” the BBC said. US media outlets were also disappointed. “With today’s release (…) the Sussexes surprise us once again at how narrow their vision of fame, how narrow and unimaginative their presence on the world stage has become,” Variety reported.

Attacks were launched against the tabloid press

As Harry is referred to as the extended PR arm of the Royal Family by the British tabloid, the first episodes clearly target the British tabloid. The palace and the press have made a kind of pact with the devil, giving the boulevard almost unlimited power over how and what is reported about the royals.

As a result, the accused hit back the following day: the “Daily Mail” said the couple had “reignited the royal war” by using a “hatchet.” According to an insider quoted by the “Telegraph,” their statements about the Commonwealth, which was criticised as a British “Empire 2.0” in the show, would have deeply insulted Harry’s grandmother’s legacy.

The couple, who live in California with their children Archie (3) and Lilibet (1), are now facing a close call from neutral observers. According to constitutional lawyer Craig Prescott from the Welsh University of Bangor,

“The documentary makes it more likely he won’t return,” he told the German Press Agency. Next Thursday, three more episodes will be released – then, observers are certain, it will be even more personal. An insider told the Daily Mail, “It’s going to be toxic next week.”

Harry’s autobiography will be published in January

According to “Mirror”, Prince William is particularly pissed off by Harry’s older brother. According to “Mirror”, the heir to the throne is particularly upset that Netflix used scenes from his mother Diana’s famous BBC interview in 1995, when she revealed her affair with her ex-husband Charles, today’s king. William agreed with his brother that the excerpts would be permanently removed. Now he feels cheated.

According to Princess Kate and William, Harry’s statement that the men in the family didn’t marry for love was particularly painful for them. When Meghan joked about her first encounter with Harry’s grandmother and mimicked an over-the-top curtsey, critics also suggested she poked fun at the Queen. A royal Christmas will be further burdened by the publication of Harry’s autobiography on January 10th, whose title already suggests the direction of attack.

Harry and Duchess Meghan Affairs

However, not everyone blames Harry. Royal expert Peter Hunt observed: “When Buckingham Palace gets dirty, it never looks good.” The Queen has always sat out affairs, which explains Charles’ mother’s preference for dignified silence.

Expert Prescott says the royals might see the racism debate as an opportunity, as it’s likely to continue with Meghan and Harry’s documentary. As the United Kingdom becomes increasingly diverse, it is evident that the Palace needs to evolve.

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