Best Use of Tablet with 6 Techniques for Better Productivity

27 December 2023
Best Use of Tablet

Tablets are this century’s great innovation that not only let you do all of your work but also are portable and easy to carry. Just like computers and laptops, tablet’s efficiency declines due to memory storage and stored files. However, you can upgrade the functionality of your tablet and restore it to its previous working by knowing the right things to do with it. You can do some simple things to boost up the efficiency and performance of your tablet. Here we enlist 6 top simple techniques that will definitely be going to improve the functioning of your tablet. Apply These 6 Simple Techniques to Improve Tablets

1) Delete what you don’t need

When you fill your tablet with lots of applications, of course, it will affect your tablet’s performance. Many of the times, we need an app, we immediately download it, and do our work. However, when our work is done, we forget to delete these apps or just simply don’t feel it important to do so. When these apps are not deleted and remained in our tablet’s storage, the efficiency of a tablet deters. So, if you don’t use any apps on your tablet, immediately uninstall them. In this way, you can increase the storage of your gadget, resulting in improved performance of your tablet

2) Close Applications

This tip should be followed for tablets and mobiles both; whenever you open an app, don’t let it be there instead, close it properly. Your tablet will not work competently if there will be numerous applications running in the background. Always close the app you use so that your tablet’s system will have more memory to run your other applications as well as to store more data.

3) Avoid Downloading Heavy Application

Whenever you download an application from Play Store (for android phones) or from App Store (for iPhone), the space that that app would take is written just right under the app’s name. This way, you will find its exact size. If you download a very large file or a heavy application, it will definitely slow down your tablet.

So, avoid downloading heavy files if its possible. Avoid downloading or keeping unnecessary apps and files like in the case of games. For instance, many people download large space games such as PUBG or COD even if their tablet has less space. The game will be downloaded but surely will affect your tablet. Also, keep in mind that downloaded applications are stored in the tablet’s internal memory and cannot be transferred to an external SD card so a heavy file would burden your tablet’s storage.

4) Say no to live wallpapers

Many people are interested to do different things with their tablets and phones. They change their tone of the call, wallpaper, screen saver, and try out other new fun things. This is all fun and there is no harm in doing so but one thing that can harm the functioning of your tablet is a live wallpaper. Live wallpapers are beautiful to see but they take a lot of space. Also, they drain a lot of battery because they always keep running in the background. Therefore, it is better to stick to a regular wallpaper as you can find an infinite variety of amazing and exuberant regular wallpapers.

5) Remove needless widgets

Just like live wallpapers, widgets also take space and slow down your tablet. Widgets are helpful as they save you from finding the app you are searching for instantly and saves time too but they take up a lot of memory. When your memory is full or is about to get full, you will get a sign in the form that your tablet will process slow and shows decline performance. Keep the widgets that have greater usage such as WhatsApp, skype, zoom, or a game that you play every day, and remove the unnecessary ones. It will boost your tablet performance a lot.

6) Use application Cleaner/ Phone Cleaner/ File Manager

Last but not the least, installing an application cleaner or phone cleaner in your tablet and using it once a day or thrice a week can keep your tablet clean, speedy and efficient in its working. This type of cleaner has a lot of applications; it can delete file cache, browser history, harmful material, and other unnecessary files that are only piling up in your tablet, making it slow.

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