How to juggle step-by-step!

2 January 2024

The art of juggling extends beyond just being a fun exercise. It requires practice and technique. You can learn earn everything in the Room of the Future! Besides being a fun and healthy way to pass the time, juggling is also a great way to surprise your friends and family.
This How to Juggle tutorial will teach you how to begin your journey into this circus art Practicing and following instructions are the keys to success.

how to juggle

Let’s do it, shall we?

  • Precautions and materials needed:
  • Make your own juggling balls here!
  • Concentration and dedication!
  • We need some space so we don’t hit anyone
  • Objects that are breakable should be removed from the space
  • Are you ready? There are balls in the air! Let’s learn how to juggle.

The right posture is essential before we begin!
A successful juggle requires straight legs, parallel to the shoulders, and elbows at 90 degrees to the body. Watch the video to see an example!

The first step

While maintaining posture, toss a single ball from one hand to the other.

The second step

One at a time, throw two balls in the air, crossing them as you go. Follow the video’s instructions!

The third step

It’s time for the third ball! Is that right? Practice the previous exercise, but create space for a third ball by tapping your shoulder.

The fourth step

Practice flashing by shooting three balls with three shots. Watch the video to learn how! Practice this move and you’ll soon be able to juggle three balls!

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