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Best Fun Board Games to Play

Here are best board and table games to play with the family! The most popular board games on the market, from classics to originals.
A board game or table game is a great way to entertain children. However, they also provide them with tools to develop logical reasoning, memory, concentration, creativity, teamwork, a spirit of mutual help, and, yes, competitiveness – in healthy doses, this is critical to their development as individuals.
To relive childhood memories as well as to provide more original ideas, we have listed a list of recent options that have proved popular with you people. In addition, we have listed a list of classic but always enjoyable board games.

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You can also make your own games and play board games (such as decks of cards!) that guarantee endless fun and learning!

  • Classic board games
  • Family-friendly board games
  • We all love table games – parents and children alike
  • Create your own board and table games

Traditional Board Games


A popular board game, Monopoly, consists of buying and selling properties, such as neighborhoods, houses, hotels, and businesses, so that some players become rich while others become bankrupt. In addition to introducing children to the concepts of money and economic responsibility, this game also has a Junior version for toddlers and a Millenial version for teenagers.




Cluedo is played on a board that simulates a mansion with many rooms and various objects. The object of the game is to determine which of six suspects (whose names are or resemble specific colors) committed a murder, with which of six weapons, and on which of nine spaces.

There are also alternative board game options such as Cluedo Harry Potter and Cluedo Lying. They are both just as enjoyable!

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit
In Trivial Pursuit, the “small cheese” of each colour is awarded to players who ask the difficult and decisive question.
An old board game from the 1940s, this game tests players’ knowledge of several subjects: History (yellow), Geography (blue), Art (purple), Sports (orange), Science (green) and Entertainment (pink).
To fill the support with the 6 small cheeses, you must be the first player to do so.
You can also test your knowledge of the club you love with Trivial Pursuit Sporting , a less traditional version where you can challenge Sporting friends and family!

Playing chess

playing chess

In addition to being a board game, chess is a sport, a science, and an art.
At the beginning of a chess game, each player controls sixteen pieces with different shapes and characteristics. Checking the opponent’s king is the goal.
In addition to improving concentration, memory, abstraction, and reasoning, playing chess is beneficial for children and adults alike.

Backgammon and Checkers

Backgammon and Checkers

Checkers and Backgammon – two classic board games in one!
In backgammon, two players move their pieces in opposite directions while rolling dice, which determine how many “squares” will be advanced, and the winner is the one who manages to remove the dice first. Backgammon is a board game played on a one-dimensional path.
Portuguese checkers are played on a 64-square board, but the most popular version around the world is one that uses a 100-square board. Each player has 12 white and 12 black pieces, and the goal is to capture all the pieces of your opponent.
Game winner is the first to do so.

Game of Ludo and Goose

The game of Ludo can be played with a minimum of two people and a maximum of four people. Each player receives four pawns in one of four colors (red, green, blue or yellow).
There are 72 squares on the board in total, plus 4 start areas and 4 end areas. The start and end areas are the same colour as the pawns, determining where each player starts and ends.
Each player rolls the dice at the start of the game, and if they roll 1 or 6, they can move the pawn. If not, you will have to pass.
To determine how many squares they can move, they must roll the dice again after placing a pawn on the board.
The Goose Game is a fun classic game in which the youngest player begins. There are normally 63 squares arranged in a spiral and players have to face a series of traps to reach the last house first.
You can play both games with this pack: Ludo and the Goose Game.


Can you play the game played in the movie Jumanji?
There is only one rule when playing Jumanji: don’t start until you intend to finish!
Jumanji (in the middle of the board) only disappears when a player shouts ” Jumanji ” and reaches him.
Using the green dome, decipher the riddles and reveal the challenges you will face on your journey through the jungle. The first team to reach the middle of the board wins!

Family Friendly Board Games

Happy feet game board

Board game Happy feet game board takes the traditional “departure, caterpillar, escape…!” formula and turns it into a fun, interactive experience. Roll the dice and advance the corresponding number of spaces. To advance on the board, you must successfully complete the physical exercises. It includes a skipping rope, 40 cards with suggested physical activities, a board, 6 pawns, and dice.

Playmentor Board Game

In playmentor board games, children and teenagers explore and get to know their emotions and feelings, and how they are expressed in their bodies. There are six ways to have fun with PlayMENTO, and it will help zucchini:

  • Feelings and emotions can be identified
  • Recognize how emotions and feelings are expressed by oneself and others
  • Body posture can be used to recognize emotions
  • Awareness of the body is promoted
  • Enhance emotional intelligence
  • Regulate your emotions
  • Enhance the ability to resolve conflicts and problems
  • Empathy should be developed
  • Improve your social skills.

Subitus Board Games

In Subitus, scores are awarded to those who bet on the right answer, and those who convince others to do the same. Up to six players over the age of 12 can take part in this fun and educational quiz.
Players can place single bets with just one chip, or multiple bets with up to five chips per player. The player with the most chips wins.

Your family rocks!

“Your Family Rocks!” combines photography with board games so you can see and play with your memories!
With Ludyo, everyone can create personalised, fun and original games based on their memories. Have you ever thought of a board game that uses past memories to improve future relationships? You’ve found it right there. It’s called Your Family Rocks! And promises hours of laughter.

The Color Monster

Using color to explain emotions to children, the game “O Monstro das Cores” is based on Ana Llenas’ book.
It is necessary to separate all the emotions of a monster in O Monstro das Cores and “arrange” them in the right order when the monster wakes up confused. You need to consider what makes you happy, sad, angry, afraid, or calm and then share with the other players an event, a memory, an object, or a feeling that makes you feel the emotion associated with the color of the board space where the event occurs.
All participants must work together to help the Color Monster put all the emotions in the right place.
Through the Color Monster game, it is possible to separate emotions, and children are naturally able to reflect upon what causes each emotion and share this with others.

Pass the Drawing

Pass the Drawing is a readaptation of the classic “Telefone Estragado”, where the player tries to draw the words he has read and guess the drawings he has seen.

Dobble Kids

Children as young as 4 can have fun with their friends or with their parents with Dobble Kids.
In the game, there are 30 cards with six animals, each of which shares one animal. Players will have a difficult time identifying which animal it is, since it is easy to guess. Trying to find the repeated animal will cause a lot of anxiety, so it is not a simple task.
A game of speed, observation, and reflexes, Dobble can be played in five different variants, making it almost endlessly entertaining.
In addition, the game comes in a small box that can be taken anywhere, to school, to the garden, or to a birthday party.

Exit – The Game

The “Exit” games are based on the Escape Room concept, where participants are “locked” in a mysterious room.
In order to escape, you have to follow the clues in this true pocket escape room. Along with your fellow participants, find a way out as quickly as possible. During a game, different components may need to be erased, bent, or torn, just like in an escape room. Therefore, all games can only be played once.
In the issue “ The Sunken Treasure ” when you enter a medieval castle, a large wooden door suddenly closes behind you. Getting free won’t be easy and they’ll only be able to escape after solving all the riddles in the castle. How fast can you leave the castle?

Table Games for Family


Played with pieces marked with numerical numbers, dominoes are a class of table games for two to four players. Every player receives 7 pieces – previously turned face down, so that the “small balls” cannot be seen. There are 28 rectangular tiles marked with dots (between 0 and 6).
In order to win, the player must find the most effective tactic to eliminate his pieces before the other players. This is a game that stimulates mathematical reasoning. Other versions are easier for young children and have a strong educational component: Telling Time, for instance, is a domino that helps children learn the time.



uno board game
One of the most popular card games in the world, UNO is played with cards that are in four colors and numbered 0-9, as well as cards with a black background, which change the color or force the opponent to pick up a “+4” card.
Besides being numerical, colored cards also have three special actions: “pass the player”, “invert the direction of the game”, and “go get +2”.
This fun card game is all about groups of numbers, and two are better than one!
In DOS, cards must be discarded as quickly as possible.
On each player’s turn, they can discard cards from each pile with one or two cards – so a player can deposit BOTH cards if they have two cards that add up to the number of the card in the centre.
Do not forget to shout DOS when you have two cards!
The winner is the first person to reach 200 points!

The Mikado

The goal of Mikado is to remove chopsticks from the pile without touching others/making them fall. The player with the most chopsticks at the end of the game wins.



It’s a classic board game where players try to guess the word drawn by their team.
In the Family version, you’ll find a notebook, two pencils, two game pieces, a dice, a mini-timer, and 550 words to play with your family and friends.
In Who’s Who, players have to guess which character the other player has chosen by answering only questions with closed answers – “yes” or “no”.
There’s a blonde, there’s a man, there’s a hat, and it’s fun!

Four in a row

Play this well-known strategy game with your family!
The game of Four in a Line couldn’t be easier: just insert a piece of your color into the grid and make a line of four pieces. This, of course, only works if the other player is distracted.
The wood version is a sustainable gift that encourages concentration and strategic skills in children.


Scrabble board game

The aim of Scrabble is to get the highest possible score: each letter has a point value, and players are encouraged to come up with words using their 7 pieces and the pieces the opponent places on the board.
On his turn, the player will try to place all his letters on the board, connecting them to an existing word or more. This will result in a new valid word. After forming all the words, including those already placed, the player adds up the letter points, and multiplies them by the bonuses sometimes indicated on the board.
Designed for kids between the ages of 6 and 12 – when they are beginning to read and write – this Junior version stimulates the creation of meaningful vocabulary and helps them improve their spelling skills.

Naval battle

naval battle board game

The player who destroys the rival fleet first wins the game of Naval Battle, a two-player board game.
Players of all ages have always been fascinated by the traditional naval battle: two fleets are battling to the death on the high seas! A realistic sound effect simulates the battle environment in this electronic naval battle, indicating whether shots have been fired successfully.
Submarines, cruisers, and aircraft carriers are ready to start a massive battle between the two fleets.

Jenga Pass

It takes a steady hand to remove the blocks… or the Jenga tower will fall! In the Jenga Pass Challenge, wooden blocks are used to build a tower. Then, the players must remove one block at a time.