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9 January 2024

All of Sensations jewellery is Fashion Jewellery (Costume Jewelry) at Sensation. They want to make sure you know that they do not use precious or semi precious stones or metals in  jewelry. In Silver or Gold, Sensations refer to the color, not the metal. Here you will see the best jewellery products to buy.

Feather Bracelet

A Sensations ladies and gents’ feather bracelet UK. You can layer it with your favourite pieces or wear it alone. This necklace is made of a smooth trace chain with a detailed feather charm on each end. It is fastened with a lobster clasp and extender links at the back.

You can wear it with an emerald green mixed-gem feather bracelet adorned with flashes of silver and the silver necklace complemented look.

Cherry Earrings Long

Sensations Jewellery selection of Long cherry earrings includes pieces that are unique, custom, and handmade.  Price starts from 14 Pounds. Every outfit will be made more fun, creative, and unique with these adorable long Cherry Earrings!

Make it a set and pair with matching earrings to surprise someone special who loves nature. Make it a gift for someone who is obsessed with all things nature or treat yourself if you want to remind yourself of our glorious wildlife.

Frog Necklace Green

Featuring solid craftsmanship and a playful green frog design, this pendant reflects all its true attributes. The details on his feet and markings make him look like he’s ready to hop away! Wear it alone or layer it with your favourite animal jewellery with the solid chain provided.

Jewellery Products Car Recommendations

  • It is important to treat fashion jewellery with great care as it is a delicate item.
  • Perfume and hair spray should not be sprayed on products.
  • Moisture should not be present in the product.
  • Once you have used a product, always store it in an individual bag.
  • Children should not have access to this product
  • Temperature extremes can damage the product.
  • Alloys are used as metals.
  • Fashion jewellery can be affected by perspiration and skin reactions
  • There is a possibility that some jewellery may fade or change color due to the coating and color applied.
  • Please treat your jewellery with the same level of care as you would delicate accessories.

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