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2 February 2024

Here’s a guide for Destiny 2 beginners: joining the fight before Lightfall. See also a video for destiny 2 titan fashion to play well.

Many players want to become Guardians as Destiny 2 approaches its first massive saga’s end. We are here to help you if you are a late arrival to Destiny 2.

What’s the first step in becoming a Guardian? It’s something we’ve all experienced. We’re here to guide you through the basics and help you choose a path that works best for you. Joining Destiny 2 this late into the game can be a daunting experience, but both the game’s structure and community are more welcoming than ever.

Destiny 2: Time For Arc 3.0 Titan Fashion

Started Year

Destiny started in 2014 as Bungie’s brand-new sci-fi universe/franchise, though growth plans back then were much different. In 2017, Destiny 2 Titans fashion continued the main story and brought the franchise to PC for the first time. Launch woes and a number of concerns regarding the expansion model made its first steps a bit slow, but Destiny 2 picked up with the launch of Forsaken (2018), its meatiest expansion so far, and several key reworks. Shortly afterwards, Bungie announced it was breaking away from publisher Activision to seek independence and total control over the IP.

MMO Games

Destiny 2 has continued to follow the yearly expansion model that several MMO games have been successful at embracing for years: releasing large chunks of content and large story chapters every year. The gameplay loop and expansive storytelling remain intact between expansions thanks to free seasons (with optional additional purchases). If you haven’t paid attention to the narrative of previous seasons, you might feel lost at the beginning of some expansions. The story and gameplay of Destiny 2 fashion are constantly evolving as the game now exists in a “live universe”.

As we feel Bungie’s looter shooter does that well enough on its own, our Beginner’s Guide is not intended to serve as a tutorial or mechanics breakdown. Check out our lists of the best space exploration, the best space horror, and the most thrilling upcoming games in space if you want to learn more.


There are several platforms on which Destiny 2 can be played: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (Steam and EGS). In addition to cross-platform play, Bungie also offers cross-save functionality, though if you’re thinking about jumping from one platform to another, check their handy guide.

This free-to-play base game includes all Year 1 content, access to all destinations (including those in expanded content), and basic activities and progression. In-universe reasons and the game becoming too big led to much of that early content being vaulted – although it may all return at a later point. Through its new introductory missions, the game now provides a quick timeline of major past events for newcomers to get up to speed quickly.


The expansions (which aren’t too expensive on sale): Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen are necessary if you want to experience the post-Y1 campaigns, raids, Nightfall strikes, and proper endgame. On February 28, 2023, The Light and Darkness Saga’s penultimate chapter, Lightfall, will be released. Rather than releasing a new game every few years like World of Warcraft and other MMOs, Bungie plans to keep developing Destiny 2. Below is the reveal trailer for Lightfall:


When you really want to get the full picture, Destiny’s mythology and plot are quite deep and layered. Though Destiny 2 does an excellent job of introducing new Guardians to the current situation, it quickly throws them against a wall of veteran characters, space politics, tech talk, and space magic mumbo jumbo. Furthermore, instead of reliving the story from the beginning, you’ll be joining an old space opera.

Travellers are mysterious entities that journey across the universe empowering civilizations against invading forces around the present day. This resulted in the Golden Age of our civilization, which rapidly spread throughout the Solar System. The Darkness, a force opposed to the Traveler, eventually found humanity and attacked it. The Traveler released a massive pulse of energy after humanity suffered great losses, which expelled the Darkness back into space.

Small Floating Robot

A small floating robot known as a Ghost, which was blessed by the Traveler’s parting gift, now carries the Light from the (now dormant) Traveler’s realm. The Guardians are agents of the Light who are capable of harnessing its power and releasing it through cool space magic to the universe. Furthermore, Guardians are virtually immortal if their Ghost not destroyed (respawning occurs in-universe).

Since the Traveler saved humanity from extinction, several major conflicts and events have taken place. The Guardians are battling a variety of alien species – each with its own agenda – as well as other cosmic threats. Massive, spooky, pyramid-shaped ships are acting as its harbingers as the Darkness and its mysterious power make their way toward the Solar System. In-game timelines and supplementary lore bits provide a full account of Destiny and Destiny 2 up to today’s content.


The gameplay of Destiny 2 is a looter shooter action-RPG that lets you fight enemies to gain cool equipment and loot that can help you level up and defeat stronger enemies. While fighting off hordes of enemies, shooting isn’t the only thing you have to do. Melee (yay sci-fi swords!) and magic combat are also vital. Besides combat, Destiny 2 titan fashion also offers plenty of exploration and character interaction, with plenty of exposition and lore revealed by the characters. The game has a lot to offer and justifies all the content available, but its storylines and ambitious lore deserve your attention.

The game is also entirely online, which makes it an essential consideration. Due to its solid matchmaking and seamless online areas, the game is a good fit for solo players (except for high-level raids). However, players will need to work together; don’t play like Call of Duty. Even though Destiny is built around a sense of community, you can’t ignore other players if you want to play alone.

FPS Games

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to FPS games, Bungie has crafted simple and satisfying abilities and gunplay systems that will make players of any skill level feel accomplished and powerful. It’s easy to grasp both PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) activities, and you don’t have to micromanage inventory numbers or inventories that are overly complex. Further, sparrows (speeder bikes) make movement through larger locations easy, smooth, and cool. The progression and upgrades in Destiny 2 are straightforward and transparent, even though they have plenty of depth.

DESTINY 2 Titan Fashion : CLASSES

You’ll choose a class when you first start Destiny 2 and create your character to define your role and overall playstyle. Despite the fact that Destiny 2’s character-building aspect allows for a great deal of flexibility, knowing which class best suits your style is crucial.

Beyond Light introduces a special subclass which uses the power of Darkness: Stasis, in addition to the three subclasses for each class. It’s possible to switch between these sets of abilities on the fly since they don’t affect the character permanently, but rather give the character a different set of abilities, such as normal and ultimate abilities. A Void Titan will be quite different from a Void Warlock in addition to manifesting in a different way for each class.

The Titanic

In Destiny 2, tanks play an important role. These tanks are designed to fight in front of crowds and control crowds. They are always at the center of the action and lead the charge. In order to maximize their damage output, defense, and life, recommended stats builds are provided below. I prefer them when they are chonkier.

This design philosophy is also reflected in their abilities and ultimates, which have big, splashy attacks and buffs that make them even more resilient when things become heated.


Using their rogue-like set of skills and abilities, Hunters represent Destiny 2’s best agility and precision. Choose them if you wish to fight as stylishly as possible.

It’s easy to play as Hunters if you’re familiar with the fast-paced gameplay style of first-person shooters.


The warlock class in Destiny is basically a space wizard, but since all characters have access to space magic, their Light/Darkness abilities can cover a wider area and also support and buff other players.

They should be farther from the action and not draw too much attention, but they can still fight close up since they have access to almost unlimited weapons. Beware of underestimating their abilities, as they can greatly improve a fireteam’s chances of success.


Destiny 2’s lore only surpassed by the sheer amount of things to do, quests to complete, events to attend, etc., available all the time and compounded by changes and additions throughout every season. We will try to establish some essential tips in this section so you won’t get lost in the quests/bounties tab or forget what you were meant to accomplish in the first place.

Located atop the defensive wall encircling the Last City on Earth, the Tower serves as the main hub of Destiny 2. As well as serving as a gathering place and a base of operations for the Guardians’ key members and other recurring allies, it’s the ideal place to relax and meet new players. Consequently, quest, challenge, and event rewards must collected here. If you are ready to complete the quests/bounties by visiting the Tower, we highly recommend checking the quests/bounties tab often.


Other NPCs in all locations also give out bounty and engrams (equipment containers) as well. If you’re progressing through questlines, tackling public events, fighting PvP matches, and grinding strikes (dungeons) or raids, be sure to check in regularly with the main ally on each planet/moon/station to obtain secondary tasks. You will gain material for upgrading your arsenal and armor pieces, as well as pushing the seasonal level, which has its own rewards, as well as accelerating your Light Level (overall power).

Items and crafting materials will frequently dropped by enemies, filling up your inventory with clutter that can be nearly worthless. The basic currency that can used for almost every situation and transaction in the game is glimmer, which can be gotten from your inventory in typical RPG fashion.

Until the next expansion comes around, the character’s Light Level will hit a cap and no further progression allowed. Every piece of weaponry and equipment.

Light Levels

Light Levels will eventually reach a cap, but progress won’t limited to it until the next expansion. Weapons and equipment pieces can also upgraded and improved. It’s good to eventually focus on improving armor and weapons you’re comfortable with, since the material and glimmer requirements increase as you level up the items. While PvP doesn’t pay attention to Light Level outside of the Trials of Osiris, having a PvP-oriented build is still a good idea since armor stats and choice of weapons still affect your Guardian’s performance in battle.

If you are starting out, a recommended gameplay loop is to concentrate on story campaign stuff first – not forgetting to complete bounties and challenges in the meantime. Then, depending on what equipment you wish to acquire, you can move on to public events, small activities, strikes, PvP, and raids.

Approach destiny 2 titan fashion

Because it’s not possible to grind across all modes at once, a sensible approach is to focus on two-three activities at a time and cycle through them frequently to keep things interesting and prevent Destiny 2 from being a bore. Making new friends is an important part of the journey!

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