Fruit Picking Jobs in the UK for Seasonal Harvesting

2 February 2024
fruit picking jobs

In the UK, the most common fruit picking job is for strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and apples, which are in season. These fruits are typically harvested during the summer months, usually between June and October, and require a large number of workers to pick them manually.

Many farms across the country offer seasonal workers opportunities to pick strawberries, one of the most common fruit picking jobs in the UK. Generally, farms in Scotland and the North of England offer raspberry and blackberry picking as well.

With farms offering jobs in the South of England and Wales during the summer, blueberry picking has become increasingly popular in recent years. Another common fruit picking job is apple picking, which is available from August through November in orchards across the country.

As a whole, fruit picking jobs play an important role in the UK agriculture industry, and they offer important seasonal employment opportunities to a wide range of workers.

UK Companies Who Offer Picking Jobs Often

Here are some of the most popular companies that offer fruit picking jobs in the UK:

  1. Concordia – The Concordia charity offers work and volunteering opportunities in the UK and abroad. They offer fruit picking jobs across the country.
  2. Hops Labour Solutions – They offer fruit picking jobs across the UK through Hops Labour Solutions, a recruitment agency that specializes in agriculture and horticulture.
  3. Fruitful Jobs – Featuring fruit picking and farm work jobs across the UK, Fruitful Jobs is a job board that specializes in fruit picking and farm work.
  4. Berry Recruitment – Recruitment agency Berry Recruitment offers fruit picking jobs as well as temporary and permanent positions.
  5. Fruit picking jobs – The Fruit Picking Jobs job board offers fruit picking jobs in a variety of locations and with a variety of employers.

A seasonal fruit picking job may not be available all year round. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is recommended to check with each company about their hiring status and safety measures.

Best English Berry Industry 

There is no better place to pick berries and fruit picking jobs than here. You could earn a rewarding seasonal salary at one of Hall Hunter’s three UK fruit farms. The English berry industry prides itself on its easy-to-pick fruit, which means you can get a larger quantity of berries, faster. Hall Hunter accepts applications from April to November

No.1 Hall Hunter’s Fruit Picking Jobs

A family-run business, Hall Hunter is well known for its successful harvests year after year. Their people are their greatest asset, and no harvest would be possible without them.

A Brief Description Of The Work

There are many rewarding harvest jobs available in the UK including fruit picking jobs, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. UK farms including Sheeplands Farm, Heathlands Farm, and Tuesley Farm are well known to grow a variety of berry crops, including strawberries (planted on table tops for easy picking), raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

In addition to the friendships you will make, you will also have the opportunity for advancement. While fruit picking and harvest work can be challenging, They  strive to make sure it’s fun and rewarding.

Work Hours & Fruit Picking Pay

With easy-to-pick fruits, you can pick high-quality berries in greater quantities. UK workers earn an average weekly salary of £617 in 2023. Minimum wage is £8.91 in the UK (from April 1st 2021), with the option to earn more based on their role and performance. Fruit Picking job offers typically work six days a week and eight hours a day, but overtime is often available. Overtime will be payable at £11.14 (after April 2021).  A weekly payment will be made directly into your bank account in the UK, along with holiday pay.

Opportunities & Fruit Picking Training

All employees receive full training, and UK farm owners  are proud to say that 70% of our employees continue to work with. As a result of providing opportunities for advancement, most of the management team has climbed the ranks, and is enjoying a successful career at Hall Hunter and other farms today.

Facilities & Accommodations

For a small weekly rental fee,  Pickers can use on-site accommodation on each of our farms that is convenient, safe and secure. The picker villages are a collection of well-maintained, fully furnished mobile homes equipped with all the essentials for a comfortable stay. In addition to superfast Wi-Fi, a variety of recreational activities and a shop offering Eastern European goods, the facility provides accommodation with a range of recreational activities.

Would you consider changing jobs if you had experience picking fruit?

Despite the fact that you don’t need experience to work at UK  farms, So, value customers with previous fruit picking experiences. If you have picked fruit elsewhere, come and work with any UK farm for easier fruit picking, competitive pay, and a friendly work environment.

Locations of Famous Hall Hunter Farms

In the southern British countryside, Hall Hunter has three picturesque farms: Sheeplands Farm in Berkshire and Heathlands Farm in Surrey. They all offer a comfortable, safe and profitable environment, and farms situated close to London and other iconic UK landmarks, so you can explore them on your days off.

Hall Hunter’s daily life

The  family-style atmosphere reflects this, and we always make sure our workers feel welcomed. To help our workers get to know one another, we regularly organize trips, sports tournaments, barbecues, and parties. There are also football and volleyball pitches, picnic benches for warmer days, as well as free trips to local supermarkets every day.

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