Insurance Claim Denied? Here’s What You Need To Do Next

1 February 2024

If you’ve ever had to make an insurance claim, you understand how crucial it is to have the right coverage. However, not all claims are accepted, and having a claim rejected may be upsetting and stressful. There are a few actions you may take to attempt to have an insurance claim denial reversed. What to do if your insurance claim has been refused is covered in this article.

Why are Insurance Claims Denied?

For many reasons, insurance claims may be rejected, including:

  • Lack of coverage: Your claim will be rejected if the occurrence you’re claiming for isn’t covered by your insurance.
  • Late filing: If you submit a claim after the insurance company’s hard deadline, your lawsuit will be rejected.
  • Information that is wrong or incomplete: If you submit a claim with inaccurate or incomplete information, it may be rejected.
  • Exclusions: Some occurrences may not be covered by your insurance due to exclusions or limits.
  • Fraud: An insurance company may reject a claim if it detects fraud.

What to Do if Your Claim is Denied?

Don’t get upset if your insurance claim has been rejected. There are actions you may take to attempt to get the judgment reversed.

Review your policy

To be sure the occurrence you’re filing a claim for is indeed covered, you should first verify your insurance coverage.
If you’re uncertain, ask your insurance provider for clarification.

Contact your insurance company

Contact your insurance provider and demand an explanation if you think your claim was wrongly rejected. Ensure that you have all the necessary data and supporting paperwork to back up your claim.

File an appeal

You may appeal the denial of your claim if you have examined your policy and spoken with your insurance provider but still believe it was handled unjustly. Find out the precise appeals procedure from your insurance provider and adhere to it strictly.

Hire an attorney

If all else fails, you may need to hire an attorney who specializes in insurance law to help you fight your denied claim. An attorney can review your policy and help you determine if you have a strong case.

How to avoid having your claim denied?

While there’s no guarantee that your insurance claim will be approved, there are steps you can take to reduce the chances of it being denied:

  • If everything else fails, you might need to work with an insurance law specialist lawyer to assist you to contest your claim. An attorney can examine your policy and assist you in assessing the strength of your claim.
  • Although there is no assurance that your insurance claim will be accepted, there are actions you may do to lower the likelihood that it will be rejected:
  • To make sure you understand what is and isn’t covered, thoroughly review your policy.
  • As soon as you can following the occurrence, file your claim.
  • When filing your claim, provide accurate and comprehensive information.
  • To ensure that your claim is being processed, check in with your insurance provider.


It can be unpleasant and stressful to have an insurance claim refused, but it’s vital to remember that there are measures you can take to attempt to appeal the decision. Review your policy, get in touch with your insurance provider, submit an appeal, and think about hiring an attorney if your claim has been refused. You can obtain the coverage you want by following these procedures.

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