The Best Dog Friendly Beaches in the UK

23 February 2024
friendly dog beaches

The best dog friendly beaches in the UK are near wales and  Birmingham, where ITV and Netflix film their shows. Brum is three hours away from the top ten dog-friendly beaches in Britain

Birmingham’s closest dog-friendly beach is one of the most popular filming locations for TV and Netflix shows. Britain’s fresh, chilling waters make dogs swoon, but day-trippers may have a hard time knowing where to go.

The closest rated dog park to Brum is Three Cliffs Bay in Wales, which is three hours away. This sand has appeared in a number of hit TV shows, including Murder Mystery Why Didn’t They Ask Evans.

In the end of this article, Showers to You lists the top 10 beaches without dog restrictions based on Google ratings and reviews.

Top 10 best dog beaches in the UK

  1. Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire in Wales
  2. Seacliff in North Berwick
  3.  Marloes Sands in Pembrokeshire in Wales
  4. Cuckmere Haven Beach in Seaford in East Sussex
  5. Polly Joke in Newquay in Cornwall
  6. Gwynver Beach in Penzance in Cornwall
  7. Long Sands North Tynemouth near Sunderland
  8. Durdle Door in Dorset
  9. Three Cliffs Bay on Gower Peninsula in Wales
  10. Man O’War Beach in Dorset

Specialities of Dog Friendly Beaches

Three Cliffs Bay ranked highest on the list of sand beaches. Seashores along with sand dunes offer plenty of room for pets to roam, according to dog walkers.

Durdle Door beach in Dorset won the award for most dog friendly beaches in the UK. The scenic limestone arch provided the perfect backdrop for a game of fetch, according to the public.

Three Cliffs Bay in The Gower, near Swansea, came in second place and was the closest to the Midlands. Why Didn’t They Ask Evans recently starred Hugh Laurie and Will Poulter for the ITV adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel.

This Bank Holiday weekend, Lucy Boynton, Paul Whitehouse, and Amy Nuttall held the attention of audiences with their murder mystery. As the scene of a killer’s attack, the beach became a starring role.

It was also used in scenes in the fantasy drama The Witcher starring Henry Cavill, which is regarded as one of the best beaches in Wales.

While Wales had three beaches in the top 10, Devon won the top spot for the best dog-friendly beaches. In the county where Agatha Christie wrote and cream teas were served, there are 22 beautiful dog friendly beaches.

High Rated Dog Friendly Seasides.

Despite being surrounded by the sea on three sides, Pembrokeshire had 20 highly rated dog-friendly beaches, significantly more than Cornwall.

A trip to the beach requires some planning, especially if a pet is along. This was the conclusion of Showers to You, the company that conducted the research.

A trip to the beach with your furry friend gives them some exercise, and the salt water’s healing properties can improve their coat, making it brighter and shinier.”Related: Dog Friendly Campsite

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