Roofing Megastore Continually Progress Analysis

9 January 2024
Roofing Megastore

Over £1 million has been invested in new software and technology by the online roofing merchant Roofing Megastore.

As part of its commitment to offering the highest quality customer experience, Gian-Carlo Grossi founded Roofing Megastore in 2017. This roofing supplier has continuously innovated and provided an unmatched level of service amongst its competitors, from handy project calculators to award-winning customer care.

In 2020, DIY-hungry Brits had difficulty sourcing materials from brick-and-mortar builders’ merchants, creating a booming online market for building supplies. As Roofing Megastore invested strategically and scaled rapidly throughout this period, the company achieved massive success by capitalizing on demand.

Roofing Megastore last year has been great, thanks to investments in teams and technology that have allowed us to scale rapidly and provide services to thousands of new customers. Gian-Carlo Grossi, Roofing Megastore’s Managing Director, says: “Our new investment allows us to accelerate our growth, improve our customer experience, and scale the business.

Continuing, he said, “Our industry has always been at the forefront, and this investment will allow us to remain at the forefront. Our future viability can be assured by using these new technologies and improving our internal capabilities.”

With its remarkable growth pattern set to continue in 2021-2022 and beyond, Roofing Megastore aims to expand its internal team to meet the challenges of a constantly shifting digital landscape. A sector that clings to tradition is being disrupted as consumers shift deeper into the online realm, according to Gian-Carlo.

A million Brits have visited Roofing Megastore in the past year searching for roofing and DIY supplies, advice, and inspiration for projects ranging from re-roofing sheds and garages to replacing entire houses.

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