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2 February 2024
vinyl flooring in uk

ATS Flooring

Through the installation of an advanced manufacturing facility, ATS expanded its product range to include all types of flooring and floor materials. Flooring materials were introduced to the UK online for the first time by ATS. International standards are fully met by PVC flooring. The amazing cost performance of ATS flooring is due to its advantages such as its over-long useful life and environmental protection.

A decorative PVC floor can transform a kitchen, bathroom, or basement into an attractive and natural-looking room. Companies provide realistic ceramic, marble, wood, and stone patterns. For commercial use in airports, hospitals, schools, railway stations, shopping centres, theatres, banks, and buses/trains, Extra durable and strong technical flooring in a wide variety of embossed patterns, solid colours, and print designs is highly recommended.

UK Vinyl Flooring Material

A vinyl material from ATS combines the look and performance benefits of natural materials. Scuffs, stains, indentations, and scratches are highly resistant to the flooring system. There are no chips, cracks, warps or yellowing issues with floors like they do with some natural surfaces. Aside from being durable and hygienic, ATS flooring is also easy to maintain, makes a good sound absorbent material, and is eco-friendly.

ATS Flex Examples

Ensure that you leave a lasting impression with your appearance. A minimum ‘4 Meter wide calendering line’ was installed to produce sign.Aand graphic media, continuing progress of introducing new materials. Utilise ATS FlexVinyl for successful advertising campaigns. Various seamless widths of front-lit and back-lit materials are available.

A large format print using ATS FlexVinyl leaves a lasting impression. The broad range of products ATS Flooring companies offer assures. That your campaigns will leave a “picture perfect” impression in every situation, be it banners, truck tarps, flayer, large format advertising, or interior design banners.

FlexVinyl is compatible with many solvent based digital printers, is highly ink-absorbent, dries quickly, has a glossy and matte appearance, and has a high cost-performance.

In addition to the above-mentioned products, the ATS-Sign portfolio is constantly enhanced. A growing range of applications can be achieved through new materials and innovative production processes. At ATS, Flooring companies in the UK help shape your technical advancement with next-generation products.

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