LC Launches 2024 Lexus LC With Blue Interiors

3 February 2024
2024 Lexus LC

There will be an Ultimate Edition 2024 Lexus LC available in Europe as part of Toyota’s luxury division’s 2024 model year launch. Featuring a matte Hakugin White paint that looks like fine Japanese porcelain, this limited-run special version is available as a coupe or convertible. A satin lacquer topcoat contrasts with black accents to create the fancy color, which is inspired by the LFA and the company’s sports car lineup.

For instance, the Ultimate Edition receives a front bumper with molded aero elements rather than attached as most cars have, setting it apart from the “mundane” LC. They function to enhance airflow at the front of the vehicle by reducing lift at the front for better handling and stability, according to Lexus. The coupe has not yet been photographed in Ultimate Edition guise, but it does have a black carbon fiber rear wing.

Interior of 2024 Lexus LC

Kachi-Blue is another swanky interior feature inspired by samurai armor threads. They were known as kachi-iro (winning color) because of their blueish-black shade. To signal exclusivity, Lexus attaches a plate with the serial number to the shift knob. Door panels and the center console feature Alcantara surfaces with “Limited Edition” lettering to complete the cabin changes.

A returned version of the 5.0-liter naturally aspirated engine powering the LC Ultimate Edition delivers improved performance, smooth operation, and a more pleasing sound. Furthermore, Lexus engineers have reconfigured the rear differential to make acceleration more enjoyable.

Cloud Based Navigation 

Other updates include a 12.3-inch touchscreen, voice recognition, and cloud-based navigation for the regular 2024 LC in Europe. The center console controls have been rearranged along a longitudinal axis after Lexus got rid of the touchpad. Both body styles have been updated with a two-tone blue and white color scheme, along with new paint colors Sonic Copper and Heat Blue Contrast Layering.

Lexus LC  2024 Upgraded Safety System

Additionally, the Lexus Safety System + has been upgraded, as well as three forged wheels in 20- and 21-inch sizes. To make the 10 speed automatic better anticipate the driver’s next move, engineers have returned the brake-by-wire system. With the new Expert model, traction control is deactivated. We recommend the V8 model. You can get more performance from your hybrid by sticking to its battery pack, which now boasts higher-capacity cells.

In May, Lexus will begin production of the regular version of the 2024 Lexus LC, while the Ultimate Edition is expected to go into production in September.


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