Horror Museum in London – What is the London Dungeon?

1 February 2024
What is the London Dungeon

London Dungeon Horror Museum

From the bloody adventures of hairdresser Sweeney Todd to the terrible plague, London Dungeon tells the story of the most horrifying and grim events in London’s history. The London Dungeon is one of the most popular attractions in the British capital thanks to its combination of thrilling tours, realistic performances, and special effects. Why should you visit this Horror Museum in London? At the beginning, the London Dungeon was intended to serve as a mediaeval history museum.

Over time, the London Dungeon has evolved into an attraction, a fear room, and a theatre in a bottle. It began as a museum of medieval torture, but has expanded to accommodate other forms of entertainment.

Throughout the exhibition, professional actors perform scenes from a wide range of dark episodes in London’s history. However, the process is interactive – the audience is inherently an actor.

During a quest in a pub in London, you have to confront Jack the Ripper, escape from a flame, navigate a mirror maze, and accomplish other scary (but interesting) tasks.

The most efficient way to get there

Given its proximity to the London Eye and Sea Life London Aquarium, it is easy to find with many signs nearby.

County Hall is located in the Riverside Building, Westminster Bridge Road.

A 10-minute walk from the museum is Waterloo tube station, from where you can take the metro or bus.

Hours of work

Tickets are available at the this Horror Museum London ticket office. The museum is open daily from 10 am to 4 pm (except on Thursdays, when it opens at 11 am). On Saturdays, it is open until 5 pm. The tour itself lasts 90 minutes. There is a new tour every quarter of an hour.

A special “fast” ticket (no line) is available at the entrance to the London Dungeon. There can be long lines at the entrance to the London Dungeon on weekends and weekdays.

Discounts and prices

When buying online in advance, tickets start at £21 for an adult. At the box office, they cost £30 for an adult; at the box office, they cost £30 for an adult.

Children’s tickets start at 12.95 pounds. “Quick” tickets do not require waiting in line and cost 41 pounds. An adult’s ticket costs £19.95 when visiting with a family.

Combining tickets allows you to save a lot, such as: a visit to The London Dungeon and Madame Tussauds will cost 66 pounds (38 pounds if purchased online) or a visit to The London Bridge Experience will cost you 38 pounds.

Expositions and attractions of This Horror Museum

Fear levels vary among the museum’s locations:

  • The plague has engulfed a house, causing rotting corpses to fester, and rats are already running the show.
  • There are also several of the Executioner’s cruelest torture instruments on display in the torture chamber.
  • An introduction to the notorious gunpowder plotter Guy Fawkes.
  • London has been almost completely destroyed by the Great Fire of London. In a panic, all its inhabitants jump into boats, preparing to flee the capital. Meanwhile, the fire’s flames will soon reach the audience.
  • As Jack the Ripper prepares to attack random visitors, he already feels a chill down his spine.
  • It is a barber named Sweeney Todd, who uses a sharp razor to slit the throats of his clients. Now the barber is tying the audience to their chairs, and his friend Mrs. Lovett is turning on the oven… Why is she doing that?
  • Sweeney Todd loves Mrs. Lovett who bakes the finest pies in London. You can ask her for any pie you want.
  • One of the most unpleasant parts of the excursion is the last journey along the Thames with Anne Boleyn, to the Tower, to the scaffolding. It is not recommended that visitors visit this part of the tour.
  • One last performance is “Deadfall”; visitors are portrayed as criminals awaiting execution by swinging a lever which plunges the audience into darkness. Cameras capture the audience’s frightened faces at this moment.
  • As the tour draws to a close, visitors are invited to a local tavern for refreshments and to hear about the latest murders and ghost stories.

Hacks for life

In spite of the fact that the tour is conducted exclusively in English, it is worth a visit. If you have a limited knowledge of the language, you might not be able to understand much of the story. But if you have a thorough understanding of the language, it’s worth spending the time to explore the museum.

A London Dungeon tour is most popular among teenagers, but adults also enjoy tickling their nerves while learning about the history of the city at the same time.

Guests at the Horror Museum in London Dungeon must be accompanied by an adult or older individual.

The museum prohibits photography and videography, but at the exit they sell photographs taken with cameras during the “deadly fall ”.

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