Jo Malone London Blossoms Cologne Collection

2 January 2024
Jo Malone London Blossoms Cologne Collection

Jo Malone Blossoms: three scents pay homage to Sardinia, so close by

As we all know, it is the smell of travel that makes us want to travel. From what the new Brilliant Jo Malone London Blossoms Cologne collection has to offer, we can imagine the tiniest details about a trip to Sardinia. Join Jo Malone on this olfactory voyage and discover all that Sardinia has to offer.

During a press trip to Madrid, we were invited by Jo Malone to discover their most recent limited edition collection, Blossoms. During the event, people explored the ingredients of various aromas inspired by the colors, textures, and aromas of the Sardinian landscape. As a result of this workshop, we learned how to cultivate the patience and creativity of natural fiber artisans.

Have you ever used hair perfume? That time has come

The spring breeze always brings with it the promise of flowers emerging from an energizing sense of optimism, hope, and joy, which precedes summer. In order to gain inspiration, the Jo Malone brand chose to visit southern Europe, bathing in the soothing and enveloping Mediterranean sea. Two new Jo Malone London Blossoms Cologne Collection represent the Italian summer, Sea Daffodil and Bitter Mandarin, while Silk Blossom is revisited in the Blossoms collection. Our minds are transported to warm balsamic nights and golden sunsets as a result of their combination.

Enveloping and sunny aromas

An Italian summer night is captured in Bitter Mandarin Cologne. Citrus trees frame the streets and ice cubes are toasting in glasses filled with bitter citrus fragrance. An enveloping, sensual, and addictive citrus charm is created by combining Tangerine with Amber and Beach Lily. Sea Daffodil Cologne is a sunny and luminous floral scent that combines ylang-ylang with vanilla and creamy sandalwood, wrapped in lulling ylang.

Silk Blossom, which is available in cologne collections as well as diffusers, recreates the crackling aroma of silk trees. Hummingbirds and butterflies love this scent because it is irresistible. Fresh apricot with a touch of pepper, heightened by powdery heliotrope, on a bed of moss. Moreover, each bottle’s lid is unique, made from various pieces of wood inspired by stones polished by waves crashing.

Orange Blossom Hair Mist

Added to the collection are Orange Blossom Hair Mist (30ml, €44), Silk Blossom and Nectarine Blossom & Honey Diffusers (€78). With the lightweight hair mist spray containing Natural Argon Oil and pro-Vitamin B5, it will give your hair a healthy shine, while the diffuser will energies the air with a fun, fruity fragrance. Related Nice Products

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