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12 January 2024

The best neighbourhood to stay in if you are visiting London for the first time is Covent Garden. The National Gallery, Houses of Parliament, and the London Eye are within easy walking distance, and it has a great dining and theatre scene. Foodies and fashionistas alike flock to Covent Garden for shopping and dining. From Mulberry to Petersham Nurseries, Balthazar to Frenchie, the area is buzzing with excitement of the opera and theatreland.

Vintage items, clothes, tat inspired by London, Christmassy tat inspired by London, and everything in between can be found here. With its stalls surrounding permanent shops, Covent Garden’s stalls are sure to have something to please everyone, whether it’s macarons from Ladurè or socks from Happy Socks.

There will be a brand new bottomless brunch at Barrio Covent Garden, the largest tequila bar in the world, for boozy Brits to enjoy in the English capital.

Here are all destinations you can visit from Covent Garden

By Train

Between the entrance and the platforms at Covent Garden station, you must descend one flight of stairs along with the lift. In order to avoid the lift, you will have to descend another fourteen flights of stairs (8 sets of stairs + 7 sets of stairs + 4 sets of stairs + 16 sets of stairs + 17 sets of stairs + 5 sets of stairs + 8 all x 17 steps)

The escalator from the platform to the booking hall must be used when leaving Hyde Park Corner station. Eight flights of stairs can be used instead of the escalator (7×17 steps and 3 steps). The Hyde Park Corner exits are accessible by two flights of stairs (2×14 steps up), or the Grosvenor Place exit is accessible by two flights of stairs (5 steps up + 21 steps up), but the Knightsbridge exits are accessible by two flights of stairs.

Routes for alternative transportation

In Covent Garden Tube station, all four lifts have been replaced as scheduled. Now that it is no longer an exit only station, the Tube station can be used as usual by London Underground (LU) customers and westbound Piccadilly line trains once again stop there at weekends.

It takes about 28-31 minutes to walk 112 miles on foot

Taking the bus is usually cheaper than taking the train (you may need multiple trips). The daily fare is £1.65; the weekly fare is £23.30; 1-day travel cards cost £5.50; weekly travel cards cost £23.30.

From Covent Garden to Hyde Park Corner , a black taxi cab travels 112 miles in 8-17 minutes and costs between £9 and £17.

Piccadilly Line stops at Covent Garden. Located at the end of James Street, the Market Building is just a few minutes’ walk from Covent Garden’s tube station.

Market Open and Close Time

From 9.30 am to 7.30 pm, Tuesday through Friday, at the General Market. There is a good connection between the general market and the Covent Garden community. The store also sells greeting cards, souvenirs, gardening equipment, and beauty care products to go along with its plants and picnic baskets. Located in Westminster, London, Covent Garden Market is one of the largest in the world. It is open every day. Entry is free

Other Destinations to Visit from Covent Garden

Convert Garden to Victoria

The Victoria Line northbound (light blue line) is the best way to get to Green Park. The Picadilly Line eastbound (dark blue line) is 7 minutes the best way to get to and from Covent Garden.

Covent Garden to Oxford Street

In what direction is Covent Garden to Oxford Street? It takes 4581 feet to walk to Oxford Street from Covent Garden.

If you do not have a car, you can take the subway from Covent Garden to Oxford Street, which takes about 4 minutes and costs between £2 and £3. From Covent Garden to Oxford Street, how long does it take? In addition to transfers, the subway takes 4 minutes from Charing Cross to Oxford Circus.

Covent Garden to Paddington London

In around 5 minutes, you can reach London Paddington Station from Covent Garden by train. From Tottenham Court Road, the Elizabeth Line trains run to Paddington Station from Covent Garden. Although schedules can vary on weekends and holidays, 1855 trains typically run weekly.

  • Covent Garden to Emirates Stadium
    Taking the PICCADILLY tube from Covent Garden station to Holloway Road station, you will be able to get to Emirates Stadium in Highbury in one direct journey. Approximately 29 minutes are required for this route. It costs £2.60 to ride the bus.
  • Covent Garden to Globe Theatre
    There are around 1 mile and 9 minutes between Covent Garden and Globe Theatre
  • Covent Garden to Heathrow Terminals 2 3
    Heathrow is just 40 minutes away by Tube Ride Piccadilly Line from Covent Garden.
  • Covent Garden to Brixton
    Piccadilly Line stops at Covent Garden. Located at the end of James Street, the Market Building is just a few minutes’ walk from Covent Garden’s tube station.
  • Covent Garden to Fulham Broadway Station
    There are two London stations within walking distance of Covent Garden. Getting to Charing Cross from here would be the easiest route. Waterloo station is only twenty minutes away by walking across the iconic Waterloo Bridge. However, Covent Garden tube station is the closest tube station to Fulham Broadway
  • Covent Garden to Piccadilly Circus Station
    Taking the subway to Covent Garden and walking to Piccadilly. It takes around 4 minutes to travel from Covent Garden to Piccadilly and it covers around 4605 feet.
  • Covent Garden to Hatton Cross Underground Station
    There is a vehicle that runs every 5 minutes between Hatton Cross station and Covent Garden station operated by London Underground (Tube). The journey takes 48 minutes and tickets cost £3 – £4.
  • Covent Garden to Guy’s Hospital
    It takes about 7 minutes to travel from Guy’s Hospital to Covent Garden, covering a distance of about 1 mile. Tube (London Underground) operates the system
  • Covent Garden to DoubleTree by Hilton London Docklands Riverside
    There are five trains a day between Embankment and Tower Hill stations, and they depart every five minutes.
  • Covent Garden to Regent s Park
    One hundred and seventy-five metres (191 yards) south of Regent’s Park lies Regent’s Park Underground station. The Bakerloo line runs between Baker Street and Oxford Circus, in a northern corner of Fitzrovia and Marylebone.
  • Covent Garden to Walthamstow
    Subway from Oxford Circus to Walthamstow Central station; take a bus, taxi, or car to Walthamstow from Covent Garden.
  • Covent Garden to Royal National Theatre
    Go down Russell Street past the Opera house and right onto Wellington Street from Covent Garden market area.
  • Covent Garden to West Hampstead
    West Hampstead is only 12 minutes driving from Covent Garden, and the cheapest way costs only £1. Approximately 5 miles separate West Hampstead Underground Station from Covent Garden Underground Station, and the subway journey takes about 15 minutes.
  • Covent Garden to Hilton London Metropole
    Hilton London Metropole is only £1 away from Covent Garden, and the fastest route only takes 8 minutes. It takes approximately 12 minutes to travel from Covent Garden to Hilton London Metropole, which is about 3 miles away.
  • Covent Garden to Moorfields Eye Hospital
    In terms of distance, there is a distance of approximately 2.96 miles between Covent Garden, St Luke’S and Moorfields Private Eye Hospital, St Luke’S. To reach Moorefield Eye Hospital from COVENT GARDEN by taxi, the cost is GBP £10. COVENT GARDEN is approximately 10 minutes away from Moorefield Eye Hospital
  • Covent Garden to Bank Underground Station
    If you want to go from Covent Garden to the Bank Underground Station, the cheapest way is to take the line 15 bus. It takes 18 minutes and costs £2.
  • Covent Garden to Lewisham
    Lewisham (Station) is just 17 minutes away from Covent Garden and the cheapest way to get there costs just £1. Approximately 6 miles separate Covent Garden from Lewisham (Station). Seven miles separate the two points
  • Covent Garden to White City bus Station
    Only £1 can be spent on a ticket from Covent Garden to White City bus station, and it will take only 12 minutes to get there. Uxbridge Rd / Westfield Shopping Centre (S) are the nearest stations to White City Bus Station, 268 meters away, 4 minutes walk
  • Covent Garden to Westcombe Park Station
    There is a distance of approximately 6 miles between Covent Garden and Westcombe Park Station, and the train journey takes around 21 minutes.
  • Covent Garden to Chigwell
    There is a distance of around 16 miles between Covent Garden and Chigwell and the subway journey takes around 54 minutes. 
  • Covent Garden to University of Bath
    Only £9 can be spent on a trip from Covent Garden to University of Bath, and it only takes 214 hours to travel there. 
  • Covent Garden to Staples Corner
    Staples Corner is only 21 minutes away from Covent Garden and only £1 if you take the quickest route.
  • Covent Garden to Blackpool
    It costs only £18, and it takes just four hours to get from Blackpool to Covent Garden. Identify the travel option that is most suitable for you.
  • Covent Garden to Kent House Station
    Kent House (Station) is only 22 minutes away from Covent Garden, and the cheapest way costs only £1. 179 meters away, 3 minutes walk from Kent House Station is Kent House Station (BL).
  • Covent Garden to Carshalton Beeches Station
    You can reach Carshalton Beeches (Station) from Covent Garden for only £1, and the fastest journey takes just 29 minutes.
  • Covent Garden to Colindale Underground Station
    From Covent Garden to Colindale, the quickest way takes just 19 minutes, and the cheapest way costs just £1. Choose the best travel option for you.
  • Covent Garden to Dulwich Village Upland Road
    Taking the quickest route takes just 18 minutes, and the cheapest way takes only £1.
  • Covent Garden to Bexhill on Sea
    Bexhill-on-Sea is only 112 hours away from Covent Garden and costs only $23. 198 meters away, Saxby Road, Bexhill, is the nearest station to Bexhill on Sea.
  • Covent Garden to Argyle Square Lygon St
    Argyle Square/Lygon St can be reached from Covent Garden for only $1148, and it takes just 2512 hours by car.
  • Covent Garden to Chislehurst Caves
    Chislehurst Caves is just 29 minutes away from Covent Garden, and the cheapest way costs only £1.

Big Easy Covent Garden

Big Easy Covent Garden, original restaurant serves Bar.B.Q.-inspired home cooking, fresh East Coast lobster, and live music, but they offer even more space for celebrations at Big Easy Covent Garden. In the heart of London’s theatre district, this is an easy-going local favourite, featuring a touch of the American Gulf coast.

Originally powered by the coal mine, Covent Garden’s restaurant has a rich industrial history – it provided the first electric lights in Victorian theatres in 1887. They have even dubbed the nine-metre long display kitchen “the wall of fire”, which is expertly fitted out using the massive steel beams that once supported the giant generators. 

Covent Garden Apple Store

Shop with a Specialist at an Apple Store one-on-one for help finding what’s right for you. Address is No. 1-7 The Piazza London, WC2E 8HB Phone 020 7447 1400.

Club Soda, Covent Garden, London

A successful crowdfunding campaign led to Club Soda’s first permanent location in Covent Garden. In addition to low- and no-alcohol drinks, master classes, meetings, and training will be offered in the tasting room and shop.

Rules Dirty Martinis Covent Garden

Rules, With a bar that has been open since 1798, London’s oldest restaurant is sure to catch the eye of diners. Those of you who love dirty martinis will surely be attracted by Rules’ menu of dirty martinis. A well-kept secret in the capital, the bar is often frequented by celebrities and artists. 

The legendary bartender Brian Silva is the face of this place as well! For many years, he has been mixing amazing martinis at Rules and giving mixing classes to those interested in learning the art. His talented team curates a stunning collection of cocktails that bring crowds to the restaurant. You can truly fulfil your martini dreams here with the carefully stirred, never shaken martinis!

Location of the Rules: WC2E 7LB. Nearest station, Covent Garden, is at 34-35 Maiden Lane. 

Best Restaurant Covent Garden

Miracle at Henrietta Hotel For the fifth time, Experimental Group’s Miracle pop-up bar will grace the streets of London. It will be located on the Henrietta hotel’s mezzanine starting in early December until Friday 23rd December. It offers creative cocktails garnished with a touch of kitsch, making it the perfect place to stop by for a drink while in Covent Garden. With cognac, rum, coffee liqueur, amaretto, chai, and almond milk, the ‘Holiday Spiked Chai’ includes gin, mulled wine, grapefruit, and orange bitter.

In Covent Garden at 15 Henrietta Street, WC2E 8PS

You can find out more at

Covent Garden ivy

Don’t get your hopes up, this is the one in St Albans. As once the epitome of old-fashioned glamour on the West End, the original Ivy was just outside Covent Garden, but Richard Caring, Dr Evil of the restaurant world, has opened more than 30 venues since 2005, spreading a little theatreland fairy glitter to the small towns Binkie Beaumont fought for so long.

People who don’t know anything about the original Ivy legend must feel some kind of thrill when they encounter the Ivy chain’s razzle, grease-painted razzle.

Leicester Square

Big surprise this year was Leicester Square. Covent Garden is 1276 feet away from Leicester Square Underground Station. There are 2161 feet between the two points on the road. Many small businesses and unique food stalls can be found among the generic tat and German sausage vendors.

Even though the gifts are more expensive than average for London, the food makes up for it in spades. You name it and Leicester Square Christmas Market has it. Macaroni and cheese, chocolate fountains, loaded chips, you name it.

A constant smell of mulled wine and gentle croons from the Queen of Christmas add to the festive atmosphere of the market.

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