Best London Holiday Destinations Guide for Budget Families

27 December 2023
London Holiday Destinations

London holiday destinations don’t need to break your bank, you can enjoy a fancy family trip without the hefty price tag if you have proper guidance. London is a vibrant capital that offers magical museums, interactive art exhibitions, fancy outdoor swimming, great architecture to explore, delicious food, plenty of fun activities and amazing parks for kids. Its expensive city but it is a great place to take your family. With a few tips you can explore the whole world of family fun activities without breaking the piggy bank. Here is the list of amazing things you can see and do in London without paying anything. 

Enjoy the Free Perks at National Theater: 

Though you have to pay for tickets but National Theatre has a lot more to do for free. You can enjoy free exhibits and watch the scenic designers and prop makers in the production workshop within the theater. National Theater is a kind of must visit place for any theater buff. This place is also suitable when you’re traveling with kids as you can take them on a family tour, up to three kids can get to go free but adults have to pay. 

Explore yummiest free Food at Borough Market: 

This market is ideal for foodies! The Borough market has been in operation for more than 1000 years, located near the London Bridge. The market is a kind of indoor/outdoor food extravaganza that will engage your Insta account. Visitors can treat your taste buds with free sample galore and can enjoy bread, cheese, fruit, chocolate and beer without spending a penny. It is recommended to plan your visit to Borough market for lunch and drop some dough- you will get some amazing eats. 

Enjoy Free Art and Views in London: 

After the Borough market, now is the time to enjoy some free art and amazing views in London. Head to the Tate Modern, a free London holiday destination located just a short walk away from Borough market. Besides the great museum, the fascinating thing lies on the 10th floor, a lovely café from where you can capture some of the eye-catching views of London. There is no restriction to buy anything. The café also has an outdoor observation deck so make sure to pop into this place. It is a good alternative to the London Eye when you’re traveling on a budget. Take your family there and enjoy the amazing views. 

Idiosyncratic Free Museum: 

Sir John Soane’s Museum is one of the best London Holiday destinations when you’re in London and the best part is, you don’t have to open your wallet. The museum is home of architect John Soane, stuffed with architectural paintings, drawings and sculptures. The museum is slightly confining as overly stuffed with highly personal collections. In order to explore the museum visitors have to switch off their cell phones and go through checking. Further, no photography is allowed, which is a bit disappointing for travelers. 


The highlight destination for families with kids. Legoland theme park is located in Windsor; proffers plenty of fun things to do. Head to the Lego City first to the driving school of Lego Fiat electric cars. If you have boys they’re gonna love it. The park has a Lego Fire Academy where you can drive a fire engine and put out a fire in the house. 

Don’t forget to take your kids on an Atlantic submarine journey, an underwater trip on a boat made of Lego where you will see fish and sharks made with Lego. Park’s other highlights comprises the Pirates of Skeleton Bay (a pirate themed live action show featuring fascinating acrobatics and swashbuckling swordplay), Lego mainland (an area created with Legos that allow you to walk through world notorious landmarks) and Hill Train. A cute double decker bus is available at the street outside the Windsor station to take you to Legoland. Though, it’s not a cheap place to visit but for your kids it is definitely worth visiting. 


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A trip to London is incomplete without watching the musical. It tells the amusing story of confectioner Mr. Wonka and the boys who won golden tickets to visit Mr. Wonka’s enigmatic chocolate factory. The story is based on the Roald Dahl book and probably the best theatrical and musical show in London. This is something worth spending, prices start from 17.50 pounds. You will never regret your money when you see the superb sets, amazing production, cool special effects, A list cast and beautiful costumes. The performances on weekdays are cheaper than the Saturday so when you travel with family on a budget set the day accordingly. 

Coram’s Field: 

This is a free park and playground for kids. Coram’s Field has a city farm and a café, open from March until October. There is play equipment for all age groups from toddlers to older kids. No adult is allowed to enter the park without a kid.  Your kids will love the aerial slide, a paddling pool in summers, two large sand pits and an animal farm with chickens, goats, birds and rabbits. The highlight of the park is you can sponsor an animal if you want and in return will receive a certificate. The sponsor name will be posted by the side of the animal’s enclosure. 

Science Museum: 

Free entry for all adults and kids. The London Science Museum has 7 floors of interactive science displays that your kids love to explore. The museum also has an IMAX center with 3D movies. Must purchase the explorer ticket that provides you access to the IMAX cinema, Red Arrows 3D, Legend of Apollo, Typhoon Force simulator and also you will get a kids guidebook.  

London Holiday Destination British Museum: 

A good place to learn how people tell time before the clocks, crack the code of the Rosetta Egyptian Stone, use animation software from Tablet Samsung to bring Ice Age animals to life and take an X-ray tour inside a mummy. The museum has a lot of amazing things to experience and your family will spend some great time here. 

Buckingham Palace Royal Mews: 

Take your kids on a Buckingham Palace tour, where they can enjoy horses, royal carriages and cars. The Diamond and Gold State Coaches are truly amazing.  There is also a free audio guide. 

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