What is Doggy Styling?

9 January 2024
doggy styling

With Doggy Styling stress-free, fun-loving, and a clean environmental treatment, Dog Grooming company brings the extravagance of a spa experience to your pet. Throughout Surbiton and beyond, Dog Grooming Companies welcome mutts into comfortable surroundings. They’ll give you a chance to relax and talk about dogs’ new hairstyles.

What is Doggy Styling?

Dog Grooming Companies mission is simple: they strive to help you and your pet live their best lives by taking dog grooming to a whole new level. The selection of doggy products has been curated to complement your dog’s wellbeing. The care-first grooming process they provide calms dogs, allowing them to enjoy the process in a relaxed manner. Surgical-grade stainless steel tools and high-quality shampoos are used. The dog grooming salon are City & Guilds qualified and passionate about delivering the best doggy hairstyles.

Doggy Tidy UP & Bath

Grooms who are in the middle, The dog should be washed twice, using a shampoo that is specifically formulated for the coat and skin type of your dog, Brush and fluff warm air, Clipping nails, Trimming of the face, feet, and sanitary areas.

It can be both exciting and daunting to introduce your puppy to the grooming process. Providing a puppy with a sense of security is essential. All Dog Products

They’ll make doggy grooming your pet a breeze.

Dog Styling Price in UK

  • The cost of a nail file is £10
  • The cost of a teeth cleaning is £15
  • A 30-minute ultrasonic dental cleaning costs £30.
  • Masks starting at £8
  • Facial with blueberries for £5
  • It costs £10 to treat fleas
  • Herbal baths, including Ayurvedic, start at $25.
  • It costs £8 for a moisturising nose and paw balm.
  • The cost of a light hand stripping is £10 (+the cost of a full grooming)
  • Hand stripping of the entire body for 25-50 pounds (+a full grooming)

Surbiton Doggy Styling Company Location

A local dog-loving company, Doggy Styling provides services for businesses that share passion for dogs. To save you from trawling the streets with your pup, they put together a local guide so you can all enjoy it together. Over the past few months, they’ve been exploring Surbiton and Kingston extensively, seeking out dog-friendly venues and locations. A pet boutique selling accessories for dogs, home products, and freshly baked treats for you and your pet is located on Brighton Road in Surbiton.

Dog Styling Video

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