Best Car Emergency Kit UK – Tools for Roadside Assistance

2 February 2024
Best Car Emergency Kit UK

People are renowned for taking a keen interest in traffic rules and manners. With the decision to allow people to drive in the UK, the requirement to step up traffic awareness program. And driving safety regulations. These are the best car emergency kit UK you should always keep in your cars to assist you deal with any unforeseen event. So that you are ready to handle any emergency that may arise while you are travelling.  

Reflective Warning Triangle

It is used in the case that your automobile breaks down on the road or in the event of any traffic accident, making it one of the most crucial safety tools in the vehicle. The triangle offers security for the vehicle when it is at least 100 metres behind the halted vehicle.


The flashlight should always be present within the vehicle because it is one of the equipment that will come in handy if your car breaks down or you encounter any other issue at night and you need to wait for assistance.

First Aid Kit

It’s crucial to keep a small first aid kit in your car, and having it handy will enable you to act immediately in case you or anybody else in your vehicle is involved in an accident until help arrives, if necessary. Sterile gauze, adhesive bandages, medical cotton, antiseptic soap, antibacterial and antiseptic lotions, creams and pain medications, forceps, and scissors are among the supplies that must be contained inside the bag.

Fire Extinguisher

The necessity of having a fire extinguisher inside the car to use in the event of a fire in the engine or fuel tanks in the event of accidents, to reduce damage and maintain both your safety and the safety of your vehicle at the same time, despite the fact that using it may be a little challenging does not go unnoticed.

UK Best Car Kit and Tools for Emergency

There are many different types of car emergency kits available in the UK. But some of the best options to consider include:

  • AA Euro Travel Kit: This comprehensive kit includes a range of items to help you in case of an emergency,. These including a warning triangle, high-visibility vest, first aid kit, and more.
  • Lifeline AAA Road Kit: This kit includes many of the same items as the AA Euro Travel Kit, such as a warning triangle and first aid kit, but also includes a flashlight, batteries, and other useful items.
  • Michelin Emergency Kit: This compact kit includes a number of essential items, such as a tire pressure gauge, booster cables, and a flashlight, all in a handy carrying case.
  • Ring RCT1 European Travel Kit: This kit is specifically designed for travel in Europe and includes all the essentials you’ll need in case of an emergency, such as a warning triangle, high-visibility vest, and breathalysers.
  • Halfords Essential Emergency Kit: This affordable kit includes a range of essential items, such as a warning triangle, high-visibility vest, and first aid kit, all in a compact carrying case.

When choosing a car emergency kit UK, it’s important to consider your specific needs. And the types of emergencies you might encounter. Make sure to also check the contents of the kit to ensure it includes the items you need.

List of the top 12 car tools that are commonly used in UK for roadside assistance

Here are some common car tools that are commonly used for roadside assistance in the UK:

  1. Jack and jack stands – used for lifting the car off the ground to change a tire or access the undercarriage.
  2. Lug wrench – used to remove and tighten lug nuts on the wheels.
  3. Spare tire – a fully inflated tire that can be used to replace a flat tire.
  4. Jumper cables – used to jump-start a dead battery.
  5. Portable air compressor – used to inflate a tire that has lost air pressure.
  6. Wheel chocks – used to prevent the car from rolling while it’s being lifted.
  7. Reflective warning triangles – placed behind the car to warn other drivers of its presence.
  8. Flashlight – used for visibility and to see under the hood or in dark areas.
  9. Gloves – protect the hands from heat, cold, or sharp edges.
  10. Tow strap – used to tow a vehicle that is not drivable.
  11. Screwdrivers, pliers, and adjustable wrench – used for a variety of repairs or adjustments.
  12. Fuel can – used to transport gasoline or diesel fuel to refuel a car that has run out.

It’s important to note that roadside assistance professionals may use additional tools beyond this list. This list depending on the specific needs of the vehicle they are assisting.

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