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Can I Rent a Car With A Debit Card?

rent a car with debit card

Mostly, the question Can I rent a Car with a Debit Card? arises from debit card holders. Due to the lack of credit cards, they consider this option when renting a car. Your search interest shows that you are also one of those seeking an answer. The simple and to-the-point answer is yes, you can rent a car with a debit card, but keep in mind there are some additional requirements or conditions associated with renting a car with a debit card rather than a credit card.

Is it hard to Rent a Car with a Debit Card?

Yes, using a debit card has some risks, which makes it hard to some extent. Usually, a credit card holder pays a bill without his presence, while a debit card holder must show his presence while paying. Besides, after returning the car the rental company isn’t able to cut charges from your card in case the company faces any extra charges, like a parking ticket or fine.


No doubt, it’s difficult to go with the debit card option, but with a little more information or by fulfilling some additional requirements, you can use the debit card to rent a car with ease.

  • You’ll need a debit card with a master’s or visa logo.
  • You’ll hold a valid driver’s license, which is too compulsory in the case of a credit card.

Here Are Some Steps You Can Take toward Renting a Car with a Debit Card:

One important thing to keep in mind is that the rules for renting a car vary depending on companies’ requirements and their defined locations. Though, there are some common additions as follows;

Go For Additional Verification:

For renting a car you have to go for some more verification processes including ID and driver’s license presentation on many forms, like your last utility bill, house proof, or passport.

Go for Your Credit Check:

Renting companies use credit checks to make sure that you have enough credit in your account to pay in case of damage or additional charges. It will check by the reservation team before loaning you a vehicle.

Confirm the Travel Plans You have Taken:

Some companies also go for travel plans confirmation, especially if you are looking to rent a car new the airport.

Here are Some other Restrictions:

A debit card may entail some additional restrictions if you plan to rent a vehicle. Your age should be 25 or older for car renting via debit card. Furthermore, there are some boundary limitations, such as driving the car from one state to another isn’t allowed.

How to Use a Debit Card for Renting a Car?

A debit card can be used to rent a car in the following ways:

Yet, if you luckily jump all the hoops and get eligible to rent a car using a debit card, then go with the following steps and rent a car now.

Step 1: Estimate the car rental you are going to rent, and determine your trip dates.

Step 2: Visit any best luxurious car service rental company from your computer online or book a call for a reservation.

Step 3: Let the reservation team know that you can rent this car using a debit card.

Step 4: get detail of available vehicles according to your budget.

Step 5: Next, pick the most suitable one according to your need, and then choose optional equipment like a roof rack or a child seat.

Step 6: Confirm the booking by paying with your debit card.

Step 7: Get the confirmation voucher after pre-paying the car rent; this voucher holds all the necessary data, including pick-up details and travel dates.

Step 8: come to the car rental office along with the copy of the issued voucher, go for some verifications, and then took your picked vehicle for the departure.

Note: Here is another important point that you shouldn’t miss is that you have to fulfill further formalities if you are looking to rent a luxury car. These formalities should be followed at any cost including your debit card being a bank-issued card not only a prepaid one, and, must place a valuable amount in a security deposit, multiple identity proofs, and insurance proofs.  

Wrap Up

Reading it will hopefully give you a clear sense of whether or not you can rent a car with a debit card. Additionally, you’ll learn how to rent a car, what additional requirements you need to meet, and what formalities you need to follow. Though, we still prefer to use a credit card option over a debit one. Whereas, if you do not hold a credit card, then no issue, it isn’t a big deal. As you fulfil other requirements, you can rent a car without a credit card.

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