All About GiffGaff Internet Chip for London And Europe

11 January 2024
GiffGaff Internet Chip

GiffGaff Internet Chip

There’s no going back: nobody wants to be disconnected during a trip. Whether it’s staying in touch with family, using maps or posting on social media, an internet chip has almost become a necessity. Traveling with the internet gives us more flexibility and security than anything else.

Here we discuss GiffGaff Internet Chip, how to get a free SIM card, how to activate it, and how to use it in London and other European countries.

Are you looking for an internet chip in London?

Each person has different needs, so each case needs to be evaluated. One thing I want to stress is that it is absolutely possible to travel in London and throughout Europe without an internet chip. Many restaurants and attractions in Europe offer free wifi access.
The key to a successful trip is to plan it well, regardless of whether you want to save money or spend it on something else.
It is possible to download offline maps, plan your route before leaving the hotel, and access the Mc Donald’s of London.

Planning a trip has never been easier

For others, it is essential to stay connected all the time – whether it be for work, family, or general living. We do not want to judge you. lol If this is you, then the ideal would be to have a good internet chip with a great data allowance and 4G speed.

London Internet chips: Local or international?

  • During your trip through Europe, which is better: an internet chip in London or an international chip?
  • To decide which type of chip is right for you, let’s take a closer look at each one.
  • In London and Europe, you have unlimited access to the international chip
  • There are several ways to have internet in another country. The most popular method is to buy an international chip, such as EasySim4U . With an international chip, you purchase the plan in advance and arrive connected in the country. Furthermore, EasySim4U offers unlimited internet plans in London and Europe.
  • Moreover, if you are going to visit several countries in a row without an agreement, it might be worthwhile to buy only one chip.
  • In contrast, local chips are much cheaper than international chips.
  • Get a discount when you buy an international chip from EasySim4U! Read more: How to buy an international chip from EasySim4U.

In London and Europe, a local internet chip

There are, however, some people who do not consider the convenience of arriving connected to an international chip worth the price. In these cases, you can buy a chip from the destination country, which is usually cheaper than international ones. However, the biggest drawback is you have to sort it out when you get there.
It depends on the country you are visiting which local chip to use. In Europe, Vodafone, Orange, O2, Three and Tim are good operators and are available in the European Union countries. However, they only sell in some countries.
There are several well-known companies, including those I mentioned, but we are going to focus on GiffGaff today.

What’s up with Giffgaff?

A European operator based in the United Kingdom, GiffGaff is recommended for those planning on starting their trip in London.
In Europe, however, the GiffGaff chip works throughout the European Union, due to a recent regulation that prohibits operators from charging for international roaming within the EU.
In addition to the purchased data package, the GiffGaff Internet Chip is available in all of the countries below (in black).
Does the GiffGaff chip work well? How about the internet?
It’s great! I used GiffGaff while living in London, and again in 2017 when I returned to Europe. The prices are super affordable, and the signal coverage is excellent both in London and other destinations in Europe.

The first part

In London and Europe, what do I like so much about GiffGaff? First of all, because of the chip, you receive it at home (including in Brazil) for free. It’s free, that’s right. What’s that old saying, “I’ll ask, then I’ll decide?”? Yeah, you can do that with GiffGaff. The cost benefit of GiffGaff’s data packages is also excellent, compared to other European internet providers. In Brazil, it is similar to Tim Beta: plans with unlimited internet, at a good price. You can stay connected for as little as 6 pounds. An unlimited data plan costs £25. You’ll even receive a £5 credit when you ask for our promotional link (just below)!

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GiffGaff chip ordering instructions

You can get a free internet chip to use on your trip to Europe simply by visiting the GiffGaff website and clicking on “Order your free sim”. Asking for the link here on the blog will still get you a $5 bonus. If you choose the “No thanks, I just want a free sim” option when ordering, some plan options will appear (Goodybag). By doing this, you will be asking for a chip without an active plan, that is, without cost. Then when your chip arrives, you will activate the plan of your choice. The delivery period in Brazil is estimated at 5 working days after selecting the plan (or not choosing a plan at all).

The GiffGaff Chip Activation Process

  • In order to activate your SIM card in London, you will need to go to the GiffGaff website after receiving it at home. The chip can be activated in Brazil before arriving in London.
  • The chip itself contains an activation code that needs to be entered.
  • To activate the chip, go to
  • It is at the activation time that you will be required to make a payment.
  • The chip is activated in two ways: adding credit or buying a package. Payment is made by credit card, which must be enabled for international transactions.

When should we choose each?

Adding a credit without buying a package is option 1: It’s the best option if you want to test out the sim before traveling. You’ll add a credit and leave it idle (don’t use it here in Brazil!). When you travel, you’ll use the credit to purchase a package.
In order to prevent your balance from expiring, I would not recommend making this purchase more than a month in advance. It should be done near the time of boarding. To avoid having to top up again, enter a credit amount compatible with the plan you want to buy when adding credit.

Purchase a package (goodybag)

When buying your package (goodybag), make sure not to check for automatic renewal! If you are about to board, you can purchase a package (goodybag giffgaff). Unless otherwise stated, GiffGaff’s packages are valid for 30 days or until the contracted deductible expires. Please note that the unlimited plan has reduced speed and may not work in other countries in Europe after 20GB (which is terrible internet). Furthermore, if you run out of your data package, you can buy another one, even if you haven’t completed the 30 day trial. The GiffGaff Internet Chip website and app are the only ways to make purchases and top-ups. Physical stores are not available.

First-time use instructions

A phone number will be generated for your chip after placing the credit or purchasing the package, so you can theoretically use it on your Brazilian cell phone. For this reason, GiffGaff advises that you only put the SIM in the device when you arrive in the UK to avoid chip blocking. When you arrive in the UK, how do you use GiffGaff internet? If your phone isn’t working when you arrive in the UK, try restarting your phone a few times to activate carrier settings. Just insert your chip and activate the internet, and your phone should work normally.

In other European countries, how can I use GiffGaff internet? Using your internet chip in the UK gives you access to any EU country, as shown in the map above. It may take a while for it to recognize in another country. Be patient, restart a few times if necessary. If it doesn’t work, you can contact the operator’s (online) support.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers

What is GiffGaff Internet Chip ordering instructions?

You can request a free SIM card from GiffGaff on their website. It will be delivered to your Brazilian home for free.

Can you tell me how long it takes for the GiffGaff chip to arrive?

Knowing our country’s Post Office, I recommend ordering as soon as possible. It could take, in fact, as long as 10-20 days to arrive.

Is it necessary to activate in England or can I activate in another country?

On GiffGaff’s website, it is explicitly advised that the first use take place in England. I used it before (in Portugal) and it worked fine. Would I recommend you do the same? No, because they can block your chip if you break the rule and you will lose your credit.

What is the cost of ordering an internet chip for Europe from GiffGaff?

After receiving the chip at home, you can purchase the package you want, starting at 5 pounds.

During my trip, how do I recharge the internet chip?

In order to top up, you must access the operator’s website or application. GiffGaff does not have physical stores.

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