Top 18 Children’s Playgrounds in North London

28 December 2023

There are some very creative, exciting, aesthetically pleasing and downright weird children playgrounds in north London of the capital. We’ve searched from Camber ell to Colindale as well as from Hackney to Hammersmith in search of the most innovative, aesthetically pleasing, exciting and sometimes just downright weird. We’ve gathered an impressive list of 10 of the best sites we’ve found over the years, sorted by region, and we’ll continue to add more as we find them (suggestions welcome).

Alexandra Park, South Hampstead

Astey’s Row Playground, Islington

Grange Kilburn Park Playground

Alexandra Park, South Hampstead
Astey’s Row Playground, Islington
Kilburn Park Road Play Area, Kilburn

There are three small playgrounds in Alexandra Road Park, each aimed at a different age group, all numbered in a somewhat confusing manner. The first and second playgrounds seem to have done one and different age groups have done the other. For 8-14 year olds, there are yellow climbing frames, red swings, and a weird brown 90’s playground that caters to kids between 2 and 5 years old. The yellow climbing frames are for children ages 3-8. They are all pretty smart and intelligent people, and the brutalist estate they live on is even better. This is because it’s been seen in dozens of films that they’ve worked on.

A colorfully painted “boulders cape” and an unusually elongated shape make this recently renovated Essex Road playground stand out from the crowd, but it is not all about appearance: Babu spent a long time navigating the interesting-looking climbing frame, which is located at either end of the space. The approaches to both slides, which are located at either end of the space, are truly challenging. In addition to the insect hotel and the adjoining rock garden, there are also water play features and a bug hotel onsite. This is one of a London best peaceful environment Children’s Playgrounds in North London Park for best children activities.

There are two play areas on a newly built housing estate on Kilburn Park Road. One of which is aimed at your little children, with a small slide and bouncers. The other of which is essentially a pile of logs with some ropes thrown in for good measure. In comparison to the much more impressive Paddington Rec, this park is a lot smaller and can be reached in just a few minutes walking distance. However, it is still worth a look if you live nearby and are looking for something a bit quieter. It can be found on the corner of Rudolph Road and St Augustine’s Church, adjacent to St Augustine’s Church. It has more importance because of Church is on walking distance

playgrounds in north london

Hornsey Park, Clarendon, Turnpike Lane

There is nothing wrong with naming your indoor children’s activities north london playground after a silly song when you look really cool. This is the case at this site, perched atop Harringay Ladder, one of London’s most iconic landmarks. Located in the luxury Clarendon development (which is why HPaC has such a daft appendage), HPaC is home to a number of inventive equipment that is quite impressive: concrete poles hung with intricate rope arrangements and rainbow-hued climbing holds; a treehouse walkway with diamond-shaped hideouts; and possibly one of the fastest slides in the city.

Wembley Park Play Park, Wembley

The playground has been here for at least two years now, and it has been here for a while, according to the signs. One of the only covered playgrounds I’m aware of in London (I’m really not sure why more play areas aren’t covered in London), it has a pair of very cool play towers with a walkway between them, a tube slide, an accessible roundabout, bouncers and swings, as well as a slide that can be used by visually impaired children. It would be a shame if the proposed children activities playground  in north London were indeed temporary – Roma has never had a playground as much fun as she does with this one, and I think she’ll never have another like it.

Finsbury Park

Colindale Park

It is no surprise that there are three playgrounds in Finsbury Park. One is a traditional toddler playground with a sandpit. The other is a stylish big kids’ playground, largely made up of metal structures. And this one. Located next to the previous park, this new addition was built on the site of a former rocky hillside area with a fun playground for all ages. You’ll find a wooden playhouse with a slide, a bouncy bridge, a circle of swings, some pleasant landscaping, a hillside slide and more enjoyable than any other enjoyable. If you want to spend whole a day in this park you can take some lunch with you and can walk throughout the Finsbury Park. 

Adding this rather brilliant volcano to what would otherwise be a relatively bog-standard playground makes it a much more exciting place. It provides learning and climbing challenges for children of all ages, and has no slide, so it is suitable for all ages. An area for toddlers is part of the park and includes bouncers, swings, and a small climbing frame, all of which are gated. There is also a rather inconveniently located slide within the park that can be accessed with rope nets by the more energetic children in the group. There is also the possibility of getting on a roundabout in a safe way and a rotating cup as well as some shouty pipes for the small ones.

Stationers Park, Crouch End

There is no doubt that this park in the N8 has a fantastic water feature that makes it an awesome hangout in and of itself, but for Crouch Enders with young children, Stationers Park is the main event thanks to its unique playgrounds – whether it is the play area for under fives with its adorable primary-hued apparatus or the awesome hillside fortress with its pair of really thrilling slides. In addition to this – and it’s a big plus – you’re only a few minutes’ walk away from the amazing Niddle Noddle kids’ shop.

Gloucester Gate, Regent’s Park

A brand new layout of Gloucester Gate Playground for kids has been designed. This is in contrast to its earlier incarnation, which featured towering treehouses and swirling tube slides that offered a more traditional playground experience. As a matter of fact, if I am being honest, I actually prefer it. There is still something cool about this playground, as it is wheelchair-accessible with a huge sand/water area, as well as a more challenging area outside of the main playground, complete with a zip wire that is suitable for older children. If you want to avoid the crowds on weekday mornings, head here on those days.


RAF Museum Playground, Colindale

Although the RAF Museum’s incredible military logistics-themed indoor playground area for children might be buried in the most remote parts of London’s Northern Line, it is certainly among the most imaginative play areas in London. A yellow helicopter treehouse, two warplane slides, a replica of one of the museum’s oldest buildings, a funhouse modeled after one of its earliest buildings, and plenty of planes and cars all over the place would make us want to visit the museum just to see this.

Kilburn Grange Adventure Children’s Playground, Kilburn

This beautiful new addition to this popular park is not captured in photos, as they just do not do it justice. This natural-looking, brilliantly named “adventurous children’s playground” is designed to look as though it has been constructed from logs collected from the park. It is designed for children aged under 14 and is more accessible to toddlers than it appears at first glance. As well as the climbing structure that is the center of attention, there are also hammocks, a stand-up seesaw, and some really long swings.

Woodhouse Urban Park, Kilburn

As a part of a wider regeneration initiative for this area, the residents of this South Kilburn housing estate have been given access to this excellent playground. The Woodhouse Urban Park is another indoor playground area in london that might seem more suited for older children, but it is actually a great place for toddlers too. It consists of a tall wooden treehouse with a slide, a matching climbing structure with suspended steps, a set of swings, as well as a sunken trampoline that is deep in the ground.

Mapesbury Dell play area, Cricklewood

Located between Cricklewood, Kilburn and Willesden Green stations, this Peter Pan-themed pocket playground is hidden behind elegant semi-detached houses in a triangle-shaped oasis. We have stumbled upon it a couple of times now. This playground has a replica of the Black Pearl with a super-fast slide, a playhouse for teepees, a crocodile, a tiny train and something of the Loch Ness Monster thing, and is surrounded by a beautiful green community garden.

Kinloch Gardens, Finsbury Park

This Russell Play-designed playground located just off Seven Sisters Road, in the middle of a relatively crappy part of North London between Arsenal, Holloway, and Finsbury Park, is a delightful, calm oasis in what could otherwise be considered a fairly crappy part of the city. The main treehouse structure has swings and a smaller toddler playground to make up a pretty good little indoor north london playground, and it’s located directly next door to the fantastic trampoline park at the Sobell Centre.

King Square Gardens, Clerkenwell

As far as I am concerned, I am inclined to agree that this is a summer playground. This is because the climbing frame and slide are both placed in a giant sandpit. The splash pad is only used during the warmer months. Therefore, you can see why it is called a summer playground. Although it is still a decent all-rounder, it is still an excellent place, with plenty of play options spread throughout a large area and a very convenient indoor play ground location if you are near Angel or Barbican. Look out for the colorful metal igloo shelters that can be found here.

Milner Square, Islington

I feel terribly jealous of everyone who lives here, because the square is so beautiful and the playground is so amazing. The playground at Milner Square is not the most exciting playground the girls have ever visited. It includes swings, a fairly difficult climbing frame, balancing logs, a lonely slide that runs down the other end of the park, and a bizarre circular sports pitch. However, it is beautiful, and it is wonderful that more pocket parks are being given these lovely wooden upgrades.

Graham Street Park, Islington Children’s Playgrounds in North London

There are several things you can do in this park, from rolling hills to a fantastic climbing structure that will appeal to people of all ages, to the sand area and the water feature, to swings for kids big and small, to balance on stepping stones, and to play with a tiny wooden tree house that will serve as a place to imagine: even though this Islington pocket park is relatively small, it still offers pretty much everything you need, including that enigmatic .

Claremont Park, Brent Cross Town

Like all brand-new developments, Brent Cross Town feels weird, and will likely continue to feel weird for some time as it awaits loads more building work and the feeling that it’s actually a real place and not part of a computer simulation. This is, however, a brilliant playground near London. For younger kids there’s sand, water play, miniature houses and toddler-sized swings, while older ones up to teens will love the super-challenging climbing towers. There’s also an on-site ice cream kiosk.

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