Mikhail Baryshnikov Award London Nov 2022

2 January 2024
Mikhail Baryshnikov Award London Nov 2022

Awarded the Academy’s highest honor for a distinguished career, Mikhail Baryshnikov is primarily recognized for his contribution to the development of ballet art. The award ceremony, Carrie Bradshaw, Brodsky and the British capital are all connected to London.

Today, it is considered one of the most prestigious honors in ballet and dance, bearing the name of Queen Elizabeth II. Ballet teachers and dancers have been trained, educated, and certified by the Royal Academy since the beginning of the century. Camilla said Baryshnikov deserves the award more than anyone else when presenting it at Buckingham Palace.

Mikhail a Ballet Dancer of the 20th Century

Mikhail Baryshnikov is one of the most influential ballet dancers of the 20th century, extending the boundaries of classical ballet through pushing beyond established boundaries. As a lead dancer, Mikhail stayed at the New York City Ballet in the 1970s after refusing to return to the USSR during a tour abroad. He was a famous “defector.” When he left his homeland.

Baryshnikov performed with renowned ballet stars and worked with eminent choreographers throughout his career. In his productions of The Prodigal Son and Apollo, he collaborated with George Balanchine for a long time. Music composed by Jerome Robbins for Mikhail Baryshnikov and Patricia McBride, Opus19/The Dreamer is a dance theatrical production. He headed the White Oak dance project in the 90s under Mark Morris’ artistic direction. The dancer established in New York a center for the arts that he now directs.

Baryshnikov genius is 72 year old

London is a frequent destination for the famous choreographer. Baryshnikov’s extraordinary talent is also demonstrated in the theater. Brodsky / Baryshnikov, a one-man show staged in May 2017 in London, deserves special mention for its outstanding performance.


Alvis Hermanis designed and created the production specifically for the artist. A red thread runs through Brodsky’s poems, telling of exile and loneliness, which run throughout his life. Baryshnikov and Brodsky met in the early 70s and remained friends and supporters throughout their lives.

In addition to reading newly written poems to Baryshnikov, Brodsky affectionately called him “Mouse”. “Mouse” (mouse/mish) and Mikhail’s surname are spelled with similar vowels in Russian (Misha/Misha). The stage of the theater was filled with Baryshnikov’s amazing expressiveness and Brodsky’s powerful poetry.Not only is Mikhail Baryshnikov a brilliant dancer and choreographer, he is equally a celebrated actor. A collector, photographer, and public figure, he also played the role of Carrie Bradshaw’s lover in the TV series Sex and the City (which was very popular in Russia, Ukraine, and other post-Soviet states). A charity project focused on raising money to assist Ukrainian refugees was organized by Baryshnikov with Boris Akunin and Sergei Guriev after the outbreak of the war. As well, the dancer called for not punishing Russians due to the current situation worldwide in support of cultural figures from Russia. The genius is 73 Year Old now

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