Link Spam Update December 2022 Google will Use SpamBrain

9 January 2024
google link spam update dec
Google is rolling out link spam Update in December 2022

It will take up to two weeks for Google’s December 2022 link spam update to be rolled out. In response to spam reports, Google has announced that its December 2022 link spam update, which will roll out over the next two weeks, is on the way.

Using SpamBrain to combat spammy links

In addition to detecting spam directly, SpamBrain can now detect both sites that buy links and those that pass outgoing links.

Your site will benefit from this update

Google will be launching the December 2022 link spam update today and the full roll-out will take two weeks. This update will have an impact on all languages as spammy links will be removed and any credit they pass to Google will be lost.

Getting links primarily for the purpose of manipulating Search rankings is known as link spam, as we have always stressed. Google will continue to improve our coverage of unnatural links by using algorithms and manual actions. Please report any inorganic link building sites you come across to us. Let our help community know if you have any specific feedback in regards to this update.

In addition to detecting purchased links, Google is also detecting domains used for linking.

Unnatural links will be removed as part of Google’s SpamBrain spam-prevention system in December 2022.

As a result of the December 2022 link spam update, Google advises that rankings may change as unnatural links will be eliminated from a domain, which will affect any signals that are passed to it.

All languages are affected by this update, so it could have a significant impact on a wide range of search results.

Link acquisition and linking out are the two things that determine whether your site is affected by this update.

Guidelines for Qualifying Backlinks

Additionally, Google has guidelines regarding qualifying links passed to other websites. It is strictly against acquiring links solely to boost search engine rankings.

You need to qualify affiliate links with rel=sponsored tags if you embed them in text.

If affiliate links aren’t tagged appropriately, the link spam update could affect your site.

Furthermore, you should tag guest post links with rel=nofollow, or that could also lead to trouble with Google.

Google’s December 2022 link spam update is unlikely to negatively impact your site if you follow its best practices for incoming and outgoing links.

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