How to Run Applets in Chrome

30 December 2023
How to Run Applets in Chrome

Java Applets cannot be run in Chrome due to outdated technology.

The Java applet uses NPAPI, which is a platform-independent plugin architecture. In July 2015, Chrome version 45 replaced Chrome version 40, which has been supported for over a decade.

You haven’t been able to run Java Applets since then because the Java Plugin no longer works.

There are however extensions such as CheerpJ Applet Runner and IE tab that are capable of running Java Applets in Chrome. How to Run Applets in Chrome?

Running Applets with CheerpJ

A mission-critical Java application or applet can be modernised and preserved with CheerpJ, an enterprise-grade solution. By using HTML5 Pages (including those powered by frameworks such as React and Angular), an organization can either maintain accessibility for existing Java Applets and Applications or modernize them for HTML5 integration.

Java Applets can be run without installing or running Java with CheerpJ Applet Runner for Chrome and Edge. By using Chrome or any other modern browser, you can access Java Applets on modern IT architectures for use with internal or third-party Java Applets.

Microsoft-based enterprise architectures can use CheerpJ Applet Runner via Global Policy Objects on Edge or Chrome to run CheerpJ applets.

Click and Use This Extension to Run CheerpJ

Chrome Extension for CheerpJ Applet Runner

For non-commercial purposes, you can use CheerpJ Applet Runner for free. Click on the extension’s icon in your browser’s upper right corner to enable it, then visit your Applet-based site and install the extension. How to Run Applets in Chrome?

  • You can use the Chrome extension CheerpJ Applet Runner to run applets. Chrome’s toolbar displays a shield icon once the extension is installed.
  • In order to enable Java applets on a page that contains one or more Java applets, select the CheerpJ icon, then select Run Applets.
  • Chrome will automatically run all applets once you’ve enabled them.

Tab IE

With the IE Tab Extension, you can use Java, Silverlight, ActiveX, SharePoint, and other technologies from IE within Chrome.

You can load your web pages with different versions of Internet Explorer by using the IE Tab, as it emulates Internet Explorer (IE7 – IE11).

Due to the lack of NPAPI support in Chrome, IE Tab requires a separate helper executable from you to access local resources.

If you want to use it for non-personal purposes, a license is required.

Using the IE tab

  • Visit the Chrome web store to install the IE Tab Chrome extension.
  • IE Tab Helper can be downloaded and installed
  • Click on a Java applet on a page after you restart the Chrome browser.
  • Re-open the tab using the updated extension by selecting the IE Tab icon in your browser menu.
  • The Java applet should now display correctly in the browser.

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