Easter Umrah Package is Everything You Need

27 December 2023
Easter Umrah Package

Umrah is a blessed non-mandatory ritual that every Muslim feels obliged to perform once in his lifetime. The Ibadah not only brings spiritual harmony to the performer but also infinite benedictions. To make Umrah jaunt congenial for the pilgrims, Many travel companies in United Kingdom has been bestowing numerous Umrah packages with best deals so that travelers of the sacred journey can perform their Umrah with ease and convenience. Here are best Easter Umrah packages for the travelers can opt the budget packages that suits them the best, that not will only save their time but also money and energy.

Choose from a variety of accommodation options

If you’re looking for something more luxurious, London Agencies also offer private luxury rooms with Makkah Views. These accommodations are perfect for families who want to pray some quality time together while still getting away from the hustle and bustle.

Most of the UK Muslims Like to Do This Obligation in February School Holidays

The best packages to choose for your Umrah voyage are those that are not only bestowing best services but are also great at affordability; February School Holidays Easter Package being one of them. If you choose a 4 Star one, meaning it endeavors splendid services to make your Umrah congenial alongside being pocket friendly. This package consists of 10 nights stay in total, 5 nights in Makkah and next 5 nights in Madinah. UK Pilgrims who have chosen this package will spend first 5 nights of their spree at nearby Makkah hotel while the next 5 nights at Madinah hotels offered by the services.

Why Dar Al Grand is Most on the Priority to Stay?

Dar Al Grand is a luxurious hotel consisting of 895 amazing guestrooms, situated in Makkah. The hotel comes with daily housekeeping, 24-hour desk front, restaurants with gusto food, multilingual staff, luggage storage, elevator and more. Being a hotel in the proximity of Holy Kabah makes it number one consideration by the pilgrims. Dar Al Taibah is one of the finest hotels in Madinah, endeavoring best services to its guests for years. from free Wi-Fi to air-conditioned rooms and online booking, Dar Al Taibah in an excellent choice for a convenient Umrah spree.

They Agencies participants come with complimentary airport transfers, as well as transfers to and from the hotel. This means you won’t need to worry about finding parking at the airport or driving back home after a long day of sightseeing. Read also for Premier Inn

Facilities for the Pilgrims Who are Living in UK

Pilgrims from the UK will leave for their Umrah from London Heathrow airport while Jeddah, Madinah would be their arrival destination. Umrah visa is included in this astounding package as well as pilgrims will be provided with full transport to save them from any transport hassle. Package price starts from £ 975 per person with quad sharing.
Easter Umrah Package for 7 Nights.

7 Night Easter

For those pilgrims who are looking for a short Umrah package because either of their work or family commitments, Easter Umrah package for 7 nights will suit them the best. The package endeavors a 7 nights’ stay, 4 nights in Makkah and 3 nights in Madinah. Pilgrims opting this package will have to make Al Dana Diamond Hotel their stayover in Makkah while in Madinah, they will have to spend their 3 nights in Marriott Hotel Madinah.

Both Al Dana Diamond and Marriott Hotel are known in the industry for their well reputation, finest services, best amenities, multilingual and hardworking staff, 24- hours staff availability, food and more. Staying in these two hotels will make pilgrims to feel rested and assured.

Choose London Heathrow Airport the Hub for UK Pilgrims

London Heathrow airport will serve as the departure destination for the UK pilgrims while Jeddah will be their welcoming city. Shuttle service and transport are not available in this package. The package price starts from £ 830 per person.

Premium Easter 9 Nights 2023

Pilgrims who desire their Umrah to be a little longer so that they can perform more prayers and supplications, this vip Umrah package has got them covered. The package consists of 9 nights stay in total, 5 nights in Makkah while the next 4 nights in Madinah. Le Meridien Towers or a similar hotel will serve as stay place for the pilgrims of the sacred journey in Makkah. Al Rashid Residencies or a similar hotel will serve pilgrims in Madinah. Both the hotels are known for their quality services and customer care. Pilgrims try to book these hotels because of their great affordability as well as finest amenities.

London Heathrow is one of the world’s largest airport and serves as the departure site for the UK pilgrims. Jeddah is the city that receives majority of the pilgrims from all across the world. Shuttle service and transport availability is not included in the package. The package price starts from £ 1050 per person making it cost-effective for travelers of the pious voyage.

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