Century Celebrated of Tomb Tutankhamun by Howard Carter

8 January 2024
Tomb Tutankhamun

Members of the Egypt Study Circle presented displays to the Royal Philatelic Society London on 17 November. This was to mark the centenary of Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun on 4 November 1922. On the 50th anniversary of the discovery, the British Post Office issued a stamp commemorating the discovery in 1972 for 3p.

Tutankhamun Century Celebrated

Tutankhamun century celebrated: Salt Tax stamps and ‘No Value’ stamps were among the unusual items on display, along with Official Resealed Mail, Advice of Receipt Service, and King Farouk’s Palace Post. A store operated by Simon Arzt in Port Said had its own post office and catered to tourists; the story of the ships that were trapped in the Great Bitter Lake during the 1967 Suez Canal closure.

In response to a question about the things Carter saw when he opened Tutankhamun’s tomb, Carter replied, ‘Wonderful things’. During the Vote of Thanks, Ian Balcombe said the same description aptly described the displays on display, describing the displays as ‘enjoyable to see and a worthy credit to the Egypt Study Circle’.Jon Aitchison FRPSL, who had co-ordinated the display, received the Society’s plaquette from Peter Cockburn FRPSL, President of the Royal Philatelic Society London. Read Again

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