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Who lives in Buckingham Palace?

Who lives in Buckingham Palace


Who lives in Buckingham Palace? In one of the most famous London postcards, who are the members of the British royal family.
Despite popular belief, the majority of the royal family does not live at Buckingham Palace. After 72 years of marriage, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II have over 775 rooms in their royal household. Moreover, it is where official events of British royalty take place, making it the nucleus of the monarchy.

Who lives in Buckingham Palace?

The queen living with her husband at the notorious address is certainly not fair. Elizabeth and her beloved visit the grand palace on specific dates throughout the year. However, they prefer Windsor Castle, about an hour away from London, where they spend more time. As a result, Buckingham House and its rooms are frequented during periods when they are in high demand in the capital.
In addition to a residence, the grand palace contains much-needed rooms for more than 800 members of the Queen’s staff, the British crown, and general royal members.

Other Family Members of Elizabeth Rooms at Palace

Other family members of Elizabeth also have rooms at the palace, but they rarely spend days at a time there, considering Buckingham Palace a temporary residence in London. Elizabeth’s children, Andrew and Anne, have rooms in the house, but prefer privacy, living in private, secluded apartments.
The Queen’s son, Prince Charles — next in the line of succession — and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, live neither in Kensington or Buckingham, but at Clarence House in London. Until 2002 it was the residence of Queen Mother Elizabeth. After her death, however, it was occupied by her grandson, Charles.
As a result, the location with the highest number of royal members is undoubtedly Kensington. Starting with William, Kate Middleton and the couple’s three children (George, Charlotte and Louis) who live in the residence located inside Hyde Park – with some parts of the residence open for public visitation.
Other than the five, there are also distant relatives of the royal family, including the Queen’s cousins – the Duke of Gloucester, Prince Michael and his brother -, and also cousins of Princes Harry and William – such as Princess Eugenie, who recently moved into a room with her husband.
As we know, Harry and Meghan Markle currently live in Los Angeles, USA, after relinquishing their royal titles.

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