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Traffic news Essex in previous years: In Grays, Essex, the United Kingdom, 39 bodies of Vietnamese people were discovered inside a trailer of an articulated refrigerator truck on 23 October 2019. There were 31 men and 8 women. In addition, the lorry cab and driver are believed to have originated from Northern Ireland, as the trailer was shipped from Zeebrugge, Belgium, to Purfleet, Essex, UK. UK, Belgium, Ireland, and Vietnam national authorities are involved in the investigations, which are being led by Essex Police.

The UK has prosecuted nine individuals for crimes related to the incident, and Belgium has jailed nineteen.

A man wanted in connection with the deaths was pictured by Essex Police in July 2022. Among those smuggled into the UK is 48-year-old Romanian Marius Mihai Draghici.

No#1 in Traffic News Essex Live

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Recent A12 Traffic News Essex in 2023

Icy roads have caused major disruptions on the A12 and Essex as a result of icy conditions. At least seven hours have elapsed since the A12 near Chelmsford was closed between Brentwood and Chelmsford

As a result of icy conditions and a burst water main on the A12 between Chelmsford and Brentwood, the road remains closed this Tuesday afternoon (January 17). At the moment, authorities are on-site working to complete the “emergency repairs” to the water main that has become damaged.

At around 8am this morning, the first indications of a closure on the A12 near Chelmsford were reported. The major northbound route has been closed for most of the day. According to traffic news essex there are a number of places such as Loughton, West Hordon, Chelmsford and Brentwood that are affected due to this.

There was a burst water main earlier today that has been investigated by Essex & Suffolk Water who confirmed that the water was not from their network. The incident is now being investigated by the Essex County Council.

As a result of icy conditions and flooding in many parts of Essex, a large number of roads have been affected, resulting in traffic disruptions in the area. It has been a busy day for weather warnings and alerts throughout the UK, with four flood alerts being issued in Essex in the past 24 hours alone.

Prior to yesterday (January 16), an alert had been issued regarding the River Crouch, which could have affected areas such as Wickford and Basildon, but that alert was removed at 4.06pm.

Floating in January 2023

Traffic news essex accordingly, there was flooding yesterday in Brentwood and South Benfleet as a result of heavy rainfall. It has been reported that motorists have posted pictures and videos that show the roads being submerged in water. It has been reported that there have been some minor road closures in the North region of the county as a result of adverse weather conditions.

The exact date of the road’s reopening is not known at this time, but it seems likely that it will remain closed until tomorrow morning (18th January) at the very least.

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