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Top West Drayton News Today in 2023

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Here, you can read all top west Drayton news today stories that are happening in 2023.

Fire in Slough

A huge fire erupts near a canal in West Drayton, sending thick gray plumes of smoke into the air

A fire near the M25 motorway in Slough is spreading massive plumes of smoke over west London this evening. Near the Slough Canal, the fire is believed to have started near the Iver Golf Club and Driving Range.

Near the Langley train station and Elizabeth line station, pictures taken at the scene show a huge fire producing huge amounts of smoke.

Streets surrounding the scene were filled with flames.

Firefighters from Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS) responded to a fire at Station Road, Langley, which is causing a great deal of damage.

There is good progress being made and the crews expect to scale back their operation in the near future.

It is recommended that the public avoid the area if possible.”

The RBFRS received a report of a fire on Station Road in Langley at 6:16pm on Sunday, 8 January 2022.

With the support of two officers from Maidenhead Fire Station, the Incident Command Unit from Maidenhead Fire Station, along with the High Volume Pump from Bracknell, crews from Wokingham, Mortimer, Crowthorne, Slough, Langley, Maidenhead, Windsor, and Wokingham Road attended the incident.

West Drayton Ransacking Shops News

There are reports of ‘about 20 kids’ ransacking a shop in Hillingdon. After receiving reports of a stabbing on Station Road in West Drayton at 6.23pm, police rushed to the scene and discovered two men injured, believed to be the owners.

After the alleged robbery, London Ambulance Service assessed the two but did not hospitalize them. The incident has resulted in the arrest of four people so far.

One user commented on social media: “I just saw it said about 20 kids robbed the shop and beat one of the men up.” Locals expressed their dismay at the attack on the Best Food and Wine store.

Others who know the off-licence in question sent their thoughts and prayers and wrote: “Hope everyone is okay.” Another user commented that the behaviour of youth in the area is frightening, while another wrote: “I can’t believe kids nowadays..”.

Metropolitan Police responded to reports of a suspected stabbing at a West Drayton shop at 6.23pm on Wednesday, December 28. In an alleged robbery, two men were injured, but no stabbing had occurred. Officers attended and established there had been no stabbing.

Four people were arrested in connection with this incident. For more information you can check more news.

New Lidl Stores Listings

Walthamstow to Croydon: the 247 new Lidl stores planned in London. There are plans for 247 more supermarkets to be opened around London by the supermarket chain

As Lidl announces plans to double the number of stores across the UK, Londoners could save even more on their groceries. There is now a list of all the locations the supermarket chain would like to open new stores, and it has revealed all the possible locations.

As a result of its “phenomenal growth,” the German company intends to expand across the country, including in the Greater London Area, where there could be 247 new stores.

Lidl also listed its capital requirements in a brochure describing the sites it intends to purchase:

Design and scale of the units will be flexible between 7,000 and 26,500 square feet.

In the neighbourhood of. By Lidl acting as a developer partnering with or acting in conjunction with another developer, Lidl has the right to develop up to 4 acres of mixed use schemes.

Public transport links are close by, whether there is parking or not

London’s Wood Street in Walthamstow as well as Coulsdon, Selsdon, and Shirley in Croydon have been identified as potential sites for new stores. Complete list of London locations Lidl wish to open outlets

London Murders 2022

A grim tally of 106 victims has been uncovered on an interactive map that reveals the entire list of murders in London for 2022, despite warnings from the Met chief Sir Mark Rowley that the city is ‘fantastically safe’

London’s murder rate decreased from 132 in 2021 to 106 in 2022, the lowest since 2014

Also in the capital, there was a dramatic drop in teenage deaths, down from 30 to 13

Hazel Prajapti, 11 months, was the youngest victim, while Thomas O’Halloran, 87, was the oldest victim.

London’s murder rate decreased by 17 percent in 2022, from 132 in 2021 to 106 at the end of last year, according to MailOnline, with the country’s top officer insisting that the capital remains ‘excellently safe’. 

There were 30 murders of teenage boys in 2021, a record number. Although knife crime dropped to 13 last year – a 57% drop – nearly 60% of those killed died from knife wounds in the capital. There was a murder of a teenage girl, Sabita Thanwani, 19. The body of the student was found at City University’s residence halls on March 19. 

There was a murder in 2022 that claimed the life of 46-year-old Dariusz Wolosz. Tavistock Road, West Drayton, was the scene of his death in the early hours of January 4. 

Stephanie Hansen, 39, became the year’s final victim. She was found on New Year’s Eve at 10.13am in Hayes at Willenhall Drive. 

In an interview yesterday, London’s Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Mark Rowley insisted that there was no danger in the city. “London is one of the safest cities in the world,” he said when talking to the media. There is no such thing as a perfect city, but if you look at the crime rates in this city, you can live and work comfortably.

Drayton manor new roller coaster

An exciting roller coaster for the whole family is in the works at Drayton Manor. There will be more and better rides at the park with the opening of the ride

Here at Drayton Manor, there are exciting plans for 2023 and 2024, including a brand-new ride. In the next two years, the park will offer more rides, a zoo, Thomas Land and much more.

  • This week, Victoria Lynn, managing director, spoke exclusively to us about the exciting times the company is experiencing. Parks like this have so much potential.
    This year, we will be celebrating Thomas Land’s 15th anniversary. Among many other things, as well as building on the successes of 2022.
    • There is a top-secret project in the works that will be announced in the near future. The main goal is to build on success. Make Drayton Manor the destination to be, and make everyone memorable at times.

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