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Top Benefits of Google Career Certificates UK

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DWP and Google today announce the launch of Google Career Certificates UK across the Country. As people in the United Kingdom are regularly experiencing new freedoms, we know that many people are seeking skills to prepare for present and future jobs, primarily as a result of necessity and self-motivation.  Here you can get all the info about google career certificate UK.

In addition to the upheaval of job markets due to the pandemic, technology and automation were already fundamentally changing the way we work. By 2030, more than 90 million workers may need to develop significant new skills in order to create jobs, according to research conducted by Google and McKinsey Global Institute before COVID-19. Click for Open Startup Opportunities in UK

Information Technology Courses

In the United Kingdom, our Search data suggest that we are already preparing for this, as Searches for ‘information technology online courses’ have increased by 780%, ‘business management courses online have increased by 296%, and ‘online courses with certificates’ have increased by 259%. 

The internet is also a popular spot for people to ask a range of questions about ‘skills’, for instance, ‘How can I improve my leadership skills? ’What are some tips for improving problem-solving skills?’ and ‘What are some tips for improving communication skills?’

The Google Career Certificate scholarship program will provide 9,500 scholarships in the U.K., in partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Camden Council (500). We will also provide grant funding to The Prince’s Trust and INCO Academy via Google.org so that an additional 1,500 young people will be able to receive training.  

Sign Up for Google Career Certificate in UK

Signing up for Google Career Certificates UK allows you to choose any number of four courses to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in the technology industry. Information Technology Support, Data Analysis, Project Management, and UX Design are available courses. The course usually takes learners six months to complete, doesn’t require students to have any previous experience, and is recognized by industry experts and employers, including Google. 

Technology has become increasingly important to our economy. Over the last few years, technology has contributed on average 7% to the UK economy. A record $15 billion was invested in venture capital in 2020, making the U.K. third in the world. 


During a time when the United Kingdom faces its greatest economic challenge ever, technology must assist everyone, regardless of location, race, age and educational level. It is imperative that we take advantage of this opportunity to prepare people for jobs of the near future across the country.

Our public sector partners are supporting our efforts to ensure that more people are equipped with the skills they need to thrive and continue growing their careers.

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