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Top 10 Facility Management Companies UK 2023


As the Facility Management Companies UK market becomes increasingly competitive, companies must concentrate on their core business functions in order to optimize profitability and gain new spending skills. In addition, convenience management service providers can be hired to handle non-core activities. The physical location of an office is only one aspect of what makes it an office. This is where all the moving parts are, so they need to be handled carefully. To avoid conflict or hiccups, each activity should be coordinated. 

A single management team and all office services can be integrated through Integrated Facilities Management, also known as IFM. Communications and daily activities are made easier by integrated top 13 facilities management companies services. The Spandez analysts have identified some of the leading providers of integrated facility management services throughout the world in this purchase report.

Voltix Services LTD

At Voltix Services core, they are committed to providing exceptional facilities maintenance. Using innovative technology, Voltix reduces your costs and increases performance across a diverse range of sectors. As part of their bespoke service, they maintain short lines of communication, provide real-time reporting, and ensure that all contracts are transparent.

It is imperative to us that their clients can contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and they can respond in no more than 4 hours. In addition to providing excellent commercial installation, reactive maintenance, and ongoing preventative maintenance services, their highly experienced, directly employed technicians specialise in a wide range of mechanical and electrical disciplines.

As a result, Voltix Services is able to communicate effectively with clients and resolve problems quickly by using industry-leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Their competitors don’t have this vital ability. Therefore, when a client raises any question or issue, voltix services ltd can get back to them immediately with the information they need to solve it. Because they have easy access to data, Voltix can get back to them quickly and resolve their issue.

As well as automating maintenance work, the CRM provides data-logging, trend reporting and automatic triggers to ensure that maintenance is done proactively rather than reactively. With an in-house CRM developer, Voltix services are continually fine-tuning and updating Voltix systems.


Anabas is one of the UK top facility management companies focused exclusively on corporate office occupiers, unlike other Facilities Management companies. They provide corporate workspace facilities management services that are visibly different. Essentially, Anabas delivers boutique services that focus on the details that make a great customer experience.


To help you establish a consistent level of service, we are a professional integrated facilities services company.

Among our facility services, our company offers deep cleaning, office cleaning, window and window cleaning, front-of-house cleaning, security, mailrooms, and documents. We manage secure data, manage waste, manage laundry, manage transportation, handle health and safety, manage fitness facilities, and manage conference centres.

Taking care of your people and ensuring their specific needs is something we always do. In addition to providing global expertise, Sodexo UK also ensures local knowledge.

Company that manages facilities

Evbex Facility Management

Their facility management consulting services are among the best in the industry. FM solutions and training are provided worldwide by them. In addition to facilities management, Evbex also integrates sustainability into Asset Performance Management. With our help, you will achieve operational excellence across people, the built environment, processes, and technology by reducing costs, optimizing performance, and mitigating risks. With offices in UK, North America, Asia and the Middle East, they offer these core services: – Advisory – Consultancy – Procurement – Technology – Research & Development – Training.”


Their integrated facilities management services are among the most popular in the world today. By leveraging industry-leading technologies, they strive to drive operational excellence. Business and engineering teams at JLL can also help businesses build smart building solutions.


In total, CBRE employs more than 38,900 professionals who manage facilities and 15,800 professionals who work in engineering. Besides Lean Six Sigma methodology, they have expertise in quality improvement tools that improve process efficiency. A computerised maintenance management system, which they developed in-house, sets them apart from their competition.

Company: SODEXO

Among the active integrated facilities management service providers, Sodexo has been around for several decades. In the asset management and engineering sectors, Sodexo has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of technical maintenance services.

Compass Group

With a wide range of business, guest service, and cleaning solutions, Compass Group is well known for excellent support services. There are a number of services offered by this company, including FM and guest services, security, food service, cleaning, vending and micro markets, among others.

Cushman & Wakefield

Providing clients with a safe and efficient work environment is the primary goal of the C&W facilities management team. In addition to providing superior IFM services, they leverage their personnel’s expertise and industry knowledge to add value to the client’s organisation. They also handle vendor management, energy procurement, and sustainability programs.

Among the Atkins

Customer demand has certainly played a role in driving FM change and innovation. In this sector, Atkins, a global consultancy active in many fields, began transforming its services about 10 years ago. Increasingly professional help desks and centralized customer support led to the evolution of term maintenance contracts into service contracts.

It’s a Carillion.

Following its demerger from Tarmac, Carillion is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Located in the UK, Carillion is the market leader in facilities and property management services due to double-digit organic growth and strategic acquisitions. There is no doubt that Carillion is a strong player in the market, as it tops the i-FM Top 50 rankings.


In March 2009, GDF Suez combined its Cofathec and Elyo companies and formed the Cofely name. To consolidate its position across Europe, increase visibility, and facilitate expansion, a unified brand name for its energy services activities was created.

Incentive FM

After leaving OCS in 2002, Jeremy Waud created Incentive in search of independence. In those days, I always thought FM was a lot of fun, but I never thought of doing it directly with my own money: what did I know? ” he recalls his childhood. With limited funds but plenty of passion and determination, he says forming the UK Facility Management Companies and pushing it into the market has been ‘really exhilarating’. In addition, it has been quite successful. While Incentive is relatively small (number 40 in the Top 50), it has grown steadily and developed a reputation for creativity. Covent Garden Estate in London was the company’s largest contract to date, worth several million pounds.

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