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The View from The Shard You Cannot Imagine Before Visit

London’s most iconic views can be seen from The Shard. At the top of London, we’ve installed a new installation celebrating all things British! On floor 72, there is the world’s highest post box, at almost 1000 feet, featuring golden Corgis, life-sized Beefeaters, neon throne, and regal frames.

These patriotic props 310m in the air have been created by the amazing team at Sketch. The attraction begins with life-sized Beefeaters and Golden Corgis welcoming visitors.

The Shard high speed elevators will whisk you to the top of The Shard so you can pose in the throne worthy of royalty. You can share your photos with each other.

Famous for Delicious Cocktails

The View from The Shard space has been transformed by British patriotism once you reach level 68. Would you like to try a themed cocktail? Whether you’re looking for Moet and Chandon or delicious cocktails, you’ve come to the right place.

They have a piano in the sky! Check it out! Take in the best view of London while playing a tune or two if you can.

Once you’ve finished this, you can head up to the open air sky deck for the top selfie spot in London. Get the most Instagrammable moment with one of your numerous photo opportunities!

The ticket price includes all of these elements. Isn’t it time to get started? Join today for a celebration of all things British!

What You Can Explore If You Buy a 3 Month Shard View Voucher?

London Eye

St Paul’s Cathedral

The Walkie Talkie

One Canada Square

Tower Bridge

The Shard Spots for Walk

The View from The Shard becomes much more enjoyable to stroll around the capital city on a daily basis as we wave farewell to frosty mornings and welcome spring months. The Shard is a magnificent building with a magnificent view, so why not stroll in the fresh air and enjoy the wonderful views today on National Walking Day. Don’t miss out on seeing The Shard from all angles by grabbing your dog, friend, family member, or even your air pods.

The Shard can be spotted from a number of picturesque walks, including:

Following the Thames Path

Hikers with experience will enjoy this hike, it’s not one for the faint hearted. Following England’s most famous river for 184 miles, this long-distance walk begins in the Cotswolds and ends in central London. In this walk, you will experience everything from calming countryside to bustling city streets. The walk estimated to be 10 miles long, starting in Putney, strolling past The Shard and ending at Tower Bridge. You know you’re close to the finish line when you see The Shard! The Shard and Tower Bridge are great landmarks to end your walk on.

Primrose Hill and Regent’s Park Circular Walk

For those of all abilities, this is a beautiful four-mile walk. Enjoy London’s stunning skyline by strolling up Primrose Hill from Regent’s Park. The view from the top is breathtaking. You can see the Shard as well as other iconic landmarks from this picturesque location. Explore the stunning flower beds in Avenue Gardens as you stroll back to Regent’s Park or rent a rowboat and watch the ducks swim.

The Richmond Park Circular Walk consists of

Have you ever dreamed of getting away from London’s concrete jungle? Taking a hike in Richmond Park will provide you with a relaxing experience surrounded by nature. The Tasmin Trail, an estimated 7.3 miles long, is the most popular hike in the park. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled along the trail, you might even find deer! Take in both St Paul’s Cathedral and The Shard from the top of King Henry’s Mound as you finish your walk. Whenever you post a photo,  

The Jubilee Walkway

You can walk this 5-mile path if you are a tourist. This path will take you past some of London’s most iconic and breathtaking buildings as you stroll along it. Taking in the sights of London’s bustling streets, the walk ends right outside St Paul’s Cathedral, which is nestled next to the Tate Modern. The Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe, is easily spotted across the river from this picturesque building.

Walk along the South Bank

Sunset watching is a perfect evening activity along the South Bank. Wander along the South Bank after sampling the delicious cuisine in the area. Shakespeare’s Globe, the National Theatre, and the Royal Festival Hall are just a few of the cultural powerhouses that you can witness on this 1.5 mile walk. You can spot The Shard towering above the London skyline if you look along the River Thames from Southwark Bridge. Take a cruise on View from the River if you fancy a change of pace! This National Walking Day, which walk are you planning to take?

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