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The Rise of Shibarium Coin 4 Billion XRP Held on Coinbase

Shibarium Coin

The latest Crypto News Digest, Crypto Analyst Predicts ADA Price 4 Billion XRP Held on Coinbase: Shibarium Coin hits big milestone: U.Today.

Shibarium Launch Date

The Shibarium launch date was 10 March, although specific details have not yet been released

Shibarium Beta Successful Journey 2023

SHIB enthusiast @kuro_9696_9696 tweeted on Saturday that Shibarium Coin beta reached another major milestone. There have been almost two million more transactions on Shibarium’s Puppynet compared to 4,059,838,78. Additionally, 3,149,432 transactions have been added to 3,234,888 overall. SHIB meme token could be set for a breakout, according to Crypto Rand. Using a chart he shared, he showed that SHIB had completed the Falling Wedge pattern several times since August last year. A significant spike in price may be coming for Shiba Inu now that it has formed the same pattern once.

Total 601 Million Flare Almost Distributed

Flare token airdrop distribution was completed on Friday, April 14. In a tweet, the exchange announced that over 601 million Flare (FLR) tokens have been distributed. According to Coinbase users’ XRP balances on Dec. 12, 2020, this amount includes Coinbase Exchange and Coinbase Pro accounts, too. A Coinbase snapshot taken on Dec. 12 showed that the aforementioned Coinbase platforms held over 4 billion XRP (assuming 601 million Flare tokens were distributed). XRP delisting on Coinbase a month later impacted 8.8% of total circulating XRP, Hartner said at the time.

Incident You Need to Know

Crypto Analyst Ali Martinez

In a recent Twitter poll, LunarCrush asked its followers which cryptocurrencies they favour or hold. A crypto analyst named Ali Martinez spotted the tweet and responded with “$0.60 $ADA.” According to Martinez’s previous forecast, Cardano’s native token is poised to confirm a head-and-shoulders pattern, potentially setting the asset on fire for a 44% breakout. On the Cardano chart, there is an inverse head and shoulders pattern. In the past 24 hours, ADA has fallen 2% to $0.4371, according to CoinMarketCap.Related: Future of Digital Currency in UK

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