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Top Stories About Road Traffic Accidents in 2021-2022


Road Accidents Overview

Road traffic accidents are unfortunately very frequent and we hear news of a road accident almost every day. Some accidents result in minor injuries while others can be fatal. So, driving with precaution should be made sure.

Here are this week’s top stories about road traffic accidents

1. Man injured due to car crash

On January 4, 2022, a man on a busy road near Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium got in a car crash. The man was immediately taken to the hospital by the rescue team. The man did not suffer from any serious injury as reported by the spokesperson of Northwest ambulance. Two cars collided, as a result of this, one of the men got injured while the other remained safe.

2. Mercedes crash on M61

A car crash happened on the 31 st of Dec, 2021 where two vehicles were damaged following a collision. The two cars were involved in a crash on the M61 near Salford. The rescue teams from the Great Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were immediately called out to the motorway. Both of the parties were safe and showed no injuries. However, a Mercedes was badly damaged.

3. Death of a man in a devastating car crash

On Dec 21 st , 2021, a 29 years old young man died from injuries caused by a three-car crash. The accident took place near Bolton involving a collision of three vehicles on St Helens Road. The collision happened between two vehicles, a white Ford Focus ST and a black Vauhall Corsa where Corsa then collided with a third unattended parked car. After the accident, the rescue team was called and the 29 year old was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The man was suffering from fatal injuries so died on Wednesday, 29 th December, after eight days of being in the hospital.

4. Four men injured after M60 horrific crash

On 2 nd January 2022, a BMW overturned on the M60 when one of its tyres burst. the car landed on the hard shoulder near junction 23 at Ashton-under-Lyne, anti-clockwise. The burst resulted in the collision of other vehicles on the road and caused injuries to four men. One of them was a 20 years old young boy who was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries on his head and leg while the other three men sustained minor injuries and were immediately treated by the rescue service as there was no need to take them to the hospital.

5. Death of an old man after being hit by a car

Road traffic accidents are not dangerous for moving vehicles on the road but also for

parked/unattended cars and pedestrians. The passersby are also not saved from the dangers of a moving car on the road. Sometimes, it is the fault of the driver while other times, the pedestrian is at fault. Therefore, it is always recommended by the law to obey traffic signs and traffic laws so that you can move safely and soundly.

One such unfortunate situation happened with an old man who was crossing the road on the 11th of December, 2021. An old man was crossing the road in Stockport when he was hit by a car. The old man (79 years old) was taken to the hospital right shortly after the accident for treatment. He was suffering from major injuries and was hospitalized for two weeks. Unfortunately, despite all the efforts by the medical staff, the man died on 23rd December in the hospital. The man who hit the 79 years old man was riding a silver Toyota Corolla and has been at large since the accident.

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