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Reco Jefferson Net Worth Now Earns £4 Million a Year


Reco Jefferson Net Worth £4 million a Year

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Reco had been warned he was headed for prison after racking up 30 driving offences as a youth. His annual earning is now £4 million and he owns several supercars. From poverty to millionaire, this man lived the Fast & Furious lifestyle.

A self-made millionaire with a collection of supercars grew up in poverty on the “wrong side of town.” Jefferson’s mum, Lesa, worked two jobs just to make ends meet, and the youngster became involved in bad neighborhoods, attending late night car meets.

In one of the toughest parts of the city, Reco, 36, said his mother worked so hard to feed her children.

It was always a fight, there were drugs everywhere, and the police were called all the time.”

Driving Violations in Past

In real life, Reco racked up more than 30 driving violations by the time he was 18. Before he got a degree in IT and joined the Air Force, he was threatened with prison and decided to change his life.

However, Reco Jefferson knew that bigger things were in store for him. Reco started a side-hustle in July 2007 when his son was born while he was in the military, but never imagined it would take off so well.

As he put it: “Starting a side hustle was the best decision I ever made.”. I started selling stuff on Craigslist and eBay when I realized my £18,800 salary wasn’t enough to support a newborn.

“Back then, drop shipping and Amazon automation were just hobbies. It wasn’t until after college that I started researching drop shipping and Amazon automation.

There was a rapid growth in the company

Having mastered the skills of building a digital business, Reco dived into drop shipping, earning up to £5.5k per year over and above his salary. Within a few months, this jumped to as much as £24.5k per month.

How did Dominic Toretto spend the cash in real life? Of course, you should buy cars. Lesa and her son were also spoiled rotten by the father.

He sparked envy among colleagues with his fancy cars at work before quitting his IT job. As a kid, he could not have imagined this was going to be my life.

My earnings on top of that allowed me to drive a supercar to work. Once my boss noticed how much I was earning, he suggested I go full-time with that.

As a result, I resigned.”

Reco now earns over £4 million per year, miles away from his turbulent childhood. With a collection worth £2.3 million, the car enthusiast owns six supercars and just ordered another four.

A Mitsubishi Evo 10 from college has also remained in his possession. The amount of money his son made initially sceptical Lesa, his mother.

It didn’t seem like she believed me that I was making so much money. The amount of money I actually make is completely unknown to her, even though her son is a millionaire.

My first purchase was to remodel her kitchen when I began making decent money. I can remember as far back as I can remember, this has always been the one thing she has wanted.

As a child, she never had much money, so she was not able to afford a really nice kitchen. Her most proud accomplishment is probably this.

Afterwards, I paid for her C4 Corvette engine to be swapped. My late uncle left it to me, but it needed a lot of work. Despite barely running, it just sat there.

As a result, I began restoring the property. My favorite gift for her this Christmas was a brand new Cadillac Escalade, her dream car.


I would not be where I am today without her support. In the past, I have provided money to my brothers and sisters as well.”

Reco hasn’t seen his father since he was 10 years old and is no longer in touch with him. He has an extensive property portfolio that focuses on low-income housing for people who are in a similar situation to Reco’s growing up years. Reco Jefferson owns his own barber shop and has an extensive property portfolio that focuses on low-income housing.

In addition to running Helix Media, he is also a model manager. According to Reco, “I feel incredibly blessed.”.

Compared to where I came from, my life now seems like a dream on some days.”

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