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Pedro Pascal Buffy – Sarah Michelle Gellar Has Taken Notice

Pedro Pascal Buffy

In a recent interview, Pedro Pascal expressed happiness that Sarah Michelle Gellar remembered him from ‘Buffy’ Sarah Michelle Gellar has taken notice of Pedro Pascal’s recent slaying. Here, you can read about pedro pascal buffy 2023 recent updates.

In “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, Pascal spent the first half of his life as a college student-turned-vampire, as the title character noted on Instagram.

“A throwback photo of myself and Pascal from their share “Buffy” episode from 1999 shows Mother and Father meeting for the very first time,” Gellar captioned the photo.

Pascal had no idea that Gellar had posted something when he saw it for the first time on “The Mandalorian”‘s Season 3 premiere on Tuesday.

Access Hollywood reported that he is very happy to discover that Sarah Michelle Gellar remembers him, and he cannot wait to get his phone back so he can see it for himself.

Role of Pedro Pascal Buffy

Pedro Pascal Buffy, the actor played Eddie on “Buffy”, who is befriended by Gellar’s star slayer before he is turned into a vampire and staked.

It was such a pleasure to shoot that episode with Gellar, and we had the best time.” The actor added, “She was such a kind scene partner and we had the best time.”

Aside from sharing ice cream with Gellar during the night shoot on UCLA’s campus. Pale said he also had to wear a vampire mask while eating his lunch on set. He also reminisced about filming the episode with Entertainment Tonight. On set, Gellar even taught him how to hit his mark, he said.

“What a great girl!” he exclaimed.

It wasn’t over yet, though. Gellar shared one final thought on Wednesday to her Instagram Story after seeing Pascal’s comments from his red carpet interviews. Gellar wrote, “As if I ever forgot you.”


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