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There is no North Berwick, Maine, but North Berwick, Scotland!

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Giant Puppet

Top News by North Berwick News

Giant Puppet

This East Lothian coastal town’s streets are filled with giant puppets

During a parade along the East Lothian seafront on Sunday, a giant puppet named Storm wowed the crowds.

As part of a festival performance, a 10-meter-tall “goddess of the sea” strolled down the coast in North Berwick.

Vision Mechanics, a visual theatre company based in Edinburgh, created Storm entirely from recycled materials to spread a message of ocean and coastline care.

Storm weighs around 500kg and has oyster shell-coloured eyes and thick kelp-stranded hair.

In the coming months, the puppet will visit other parts of Scotland.

As part of the Fringe By The Sea festival, crowds gathered in North Berwick on Sunday to watch Storm awaken at the Scottish Seabird Centre.

Symon Macintyre, the artistic director of Vision Mechanics, said earlier: Storm has been waiting to return to Scottish shores since her debut in Glasgow at the beginning of 2020 to continue her message of protection of the environment, oceans, and coastlines.

With Fringe By The Sea, Storm brings communities together, something that have all been missing.

Listed as Scotland’s top city to live in, North Berwick

As a result of its outstanding coastal scenery, highly regarded schools, and thriving watersports industry, it has become a haven for families and tourists alike.

There is no doubt that North Berwick is one of the best places to live in Scotland, according to its residents.

According to some of the most influential lifestyle guides in the country, this is true.

Among the factors assessed were jobs, exam results, broadband speed, culture, community spirit, and local shops in East Lothian, which scored highly.

In the area, just under 7000 people live, while sailing, rowing, and paddleboarding enthusiasts frolic in wildlife-rich waters.

A new foodie hotspot in Scotland: North Berwick

In the past, North Berwick was known for its old ladies sipping tea at lace-lined tables, but it has morphed into something quite cool – whisper it – in recent years.

Steampunk Coffee, a roastery in North Berwick. That serves up some of Scotland’s best coffees and vegetarian fare in an industrial setting, says Catherine Franks:

“There’s no doubt that North Berwick is changing in a big way.”

The coffee shop is populated by young families and teenagers. And has that “for-the-locals” feel – even freelancers can be seen working on laptops at the communal table equipped with power points. “Unlike the traditional seaside spots North Berwick had in the past. These guys are more used to city life; they used to cosmopolitan places.”

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