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Maine Coon Size is Big Like an Average Dog

Maine Coon Size

The Maine Coon is a record-breaking cat. In fact, its large size makes it one of the largest and most spectacular cat in the world. Maine Coon kitten is a massive 40 Inch at just 12 months old. Murphy the Maine Coon weighs a whopping 11kg (24.3lbs) and maine coon size measures 104cm (41ins) from nose to tail.

A large but tame and docile cat. What is special about Maine Coon, however, is that although it is a very large cat, it is domestic and also has a fairly docile and sociable disposition. While female Maine Coon s weigh between 4 and 6 kilograms, male Maine Coon s also weigh over 10 kilograms.

Why Called the Official Cat in Maine? 

The Maine Coon is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America and is generally considered native to Maine, as its name suggests. The state of Maine, by the way, considers it its official cat.

The difference with the Norwegian forests is maine coon size. The Maine Coon is often confused with the Norwegian Forest , but compared to the latter it differs in different nose features and head shape.

How to take care of the Maine Coon to Increase Size?

The Maine Coon is a sturdy, muscular cat and does not need much care, except for a few precautions. For example, it needs to be brushed often to remove excess fur. Its home will be larger like a dog because maine coon size is bigger than other cats. Food consumption and expenses are different from small cats.

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