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London Main Square – Trafalgar Square

trafalgar square

Located right in the center of the city, in Westminster, next to the government buildings, Trafalgar Square got its name from the battle of Trafalgar in which the British defeated Napoleon’s forces.

Several monuments surround Trafalgar Square. Admiral Nelson, a hero of the battle, stands 50 metres high on the top of a column guarded by four bronze lions at its base. The National Gallery, one of the world’s leading art museums, is in the background.

Trafalgar Square: How to get there

You’ll definitely want to visit Trafalgar Square, no matter how long you’re in the city. Even a short stop will do.

You can reach Charing Cross Square by getting off the train at Charing Cross. It can be reached by walking from Buckingham Palace, Westminster Palace and Piccadilly Circus. However, any tour will take you there.

Located on the Bakerloo and Northern lines, Charing Cross is an underground station

You can visit London main Square 24 hours a day, but it’s best to go during the day to explore the surroundings. The National Gallery is next door to a very interesting church, Saint Martin in the Fields . During a classical music concert, you can eat a snack, drink a glass of wine in the crypt of this church if you plan it correctly.

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Attractions around Trafalgar Square

The Nelson Column

A prominent monument to Admiral Nelson, who led the Royal Navy off the coast of Cadiz, Spain, stands in Trafalgar Square. Nelson’s Column is protected by four bronze lions. Two fountains were added to the square two years after it was finished. In 2013, a space for temporary sculptures was set up. A controversial blue rooster formed the scenario that year. It was replaced in 2015 by a horse skeleton.

Here is what London Main Square looks like when you arrive (the National Gallery is at the back):

The National Gallery

The National Gallery, which houses one of the world’s largest collections of paintings, is located around the corner from the square. You can visit the gallery for free.

In Trafalgar Square, there are the Lions

In the square, there are four lions that seem to protect Admiral Nelson. They were sculpted from lions that used to inhabit the Tower of London before they were transferred to London Zoo.

In addition to the third pillar,

Trafalgar Square is not just home to lions. There is a blue sculpture on the fourth pillar of Trafalgar Square that stands 4 metres high, created by the German artist Katharina Fritsch. Find out why it was installed in July 2013 and remained there until March 2015.

The rooster left Trafalgar Square in March 2015. Photo: London map

The rooster’s space was replaced by a horse skeleton in early March 2015. Hans Haacke’s sculpture is inspired by a drawing by Stubbs, published in 1766, and is a tribute to economist Adam Smith and painter George Stubbs. A display of London Stock Exchange is attached to one of the horse’s legs:

Hans Haacke’s Gift Horse.

Trafalgar Square celebrates and protests

A number of celebrations and protests take place in Trafalgar Square, including Chinese New Year parades and St Patrick’s Day celebrations. During the Christmas season, Norway presents London with a Christmas Tree, a gift they give as a thank you for their assistance during World War II. This is one of the most beautiful moments of the year.

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