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How to See Someone Who Recently Followed on Instagram?


Today we are going to walk you through how to see someone’s recent followers on Instagram. It is pretty quick and simple so let’s jump in!

Talking about the app, Instagram, it advocates on user privacy by providing robust security settings to make sure the interaction between people happens within a secure surrounding. If an account is public then the app itself inform the user about how many people followed them recently, or how many viewed their profile. But if the account is private, you need to approve the request first for followers, and then you can check that user’s Instagram activity.

If you are wondering how to check who someone recently followed on Instagram without brining into play any third-party applications and no need to fret because you are at the right place to find the answers to all your questions.

If you are an active Instagram user, you may have seen that the followers list of users is arranged in a chronological order. This aspect permits users to find who someone recently followed on Instagram with so much ease. As the list displays the latest followers on the beginning and earliest followers at the last.

To make it simple, when any new user starts following you, their username appears at the top indicating the order when they begin following you.

Before June 21, the method was to do the following:

Go in to the Instagram app and if you want to look at someone’s recent followers just click on that person’s profile it will take you to their profile and at the top you can see the followers in the middle part, simple click on that.

Now, it used to be that Instagram would have an option at the top left-hand corner to either categorize it by date so can find the most recent. But then they took that feature away and they started making the top people the most recent that this person followed and it goes down to the people that they have known the longest.

Instagram App Features

However, since June of 2021, Instagram has completely taken away that feature. So, there is actually no way to find out who they recently followed or who their recent followers are. It actually categorizes it now by the people that you would know at the top or the people, the things that they think that you will follow at the top.

So, if you get out of someone’s profile and you go to your profiles that you know, let’s just assume (@username) and then you hit followers. At the top there is going to be all the people you are following like your friends. And if you keep scrolling down it will be people that you are less likely to know all the way down to the people you probably would never interact with. So that is how they categorize it now.


We will now discuss about finding ways to find who someone recently followed on Instagram with no use of third-party application. Let’s have a look at the process below.

Instagram Followers
Instagram Followers

If you want to identify the latest followers of any particular user on Instagram, you can just go to their profile and click on their list of followers. It showcases those people in a chronological order that someone has just followed. And the followers at the top indicating it to be the most recent ones. It is good to re confirm if the recent followers appear the top or not.

1st Step

When using the computer or desktop, visit the Instagram’s official website.

2nd Step

Enter your username and password to get logged in to your account

3rd Step

Click on the search bar and type the username of the person and go to their profile

4th Step

To get access of the followers list, click on the ‘following’ that is in the middle. Select the option of ‘followers’ to check who this user has most recently followed.

5th Step

In a chronological order see the most recent follower. You will get to see that the first follower will come on the list’s top.

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Can I hide who I recently followed on Instagram?

Let’s see how you can hide your Instagram followers and for doing that first of all you have to open up your app store if you are on iPhone and if have an Android then go straight to Play store. After that go to search. Keep in mind that this is the first step in order to make this work. Type Instagram on the search bar. After that, you need to go to your Instagram app make sure that there is not any pending update. If you have any pending update of Instagram then update it right away.

After updating the Instagram application, open it in order to hide your followers or followings list. If you to the search bar and search any specific account you can see all the posts and followers of that account are visible. You can tap on the followers list or the followings list you can normally see the followings of the accounts. Now lets see how can you hide who you recently followed. In order to hide you followers list, go to your profile and click on the top right corner. It will take you to some option in which you have to select the ‘Settings and Privacy’ and tap on the ‘Restricted’ option. Then add the name of the person you want to hide your followers from.

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