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Google Bans 12 Apps That Holds Your Personal Information

google bans 12 apps

The Google Play Store has banned 12 popular Android apps! There is a warning now for millions to delete them. These 12 massively popular Android apps have just been blocked from Google’s Play Store in its first Android alert for 2023. Delete Google Bans 12 Apps today for the following reasons.

These App Was Playing with Your Sensitive Data

Only January has passed, but Android users would be wise not to ignore an urgent alert. Several Google Play Store apps have been removed after being discovered to trick users into watching endless advertisements or to hack into sensitive data through phishing schemes.

Why Do We Need to Delete Google Bans Apps?

Several apps that had been downloaded more than 5 million times by Android users across the globe were affected by the issues discovered by the cyber security team at Dr.Web. First to be de-listed from Google were two apps that provided rewards for staying active. Users scored more points for free prizes the more they walked and exercised every day.

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Many people were either denied access to the cashout or made to watch endless adverts for nothing in return when they tried to cash out. One of the apps still exists on the Play Store, out of three that used the same tactic.

Perhaps you should delete them now if you have them on your device.

Ban Android Apps With Total Download Counts

  • 10 million downloads of Lucky Step – Walking Tracker
  • WalkingJoy has been downloaded more than 5 million times
  • This health tracker app has been downloaded five million times on Google Play.
  • Next, Google removed a bundle of applications that tried to steal personal data via phishing websites.
  • As a result of phishing, attackers attempt to direct users to malicious websites or download malware by tricking them into clicking a malicious link.
  • These fake applications were advertised as investing software, directories, and questionnaires, while others promised simple, addictive games to lure users in.
  • There were no real features behind those enticing claims. It was requested that victims submit personal information in order to register an account or to contact a so-called “specialist”. The Play Store has now removed all of the following apps.

Play Store Recently Banned the following Apps in 2023

  1. The Golden Hunt has been downloaded 100K times Google Bans this App
  2. The Reflector has been downloaded 100K times
  3. The Seven Golden Wolf blackjack app has been downloaded over 100K times
  4. • 50K downloads and unlimited score
  5. The Big Decisions • 50K downloads
  6. The Jewel Sea app has been downloaded 10K times
  7. The Lux Fruits Game has been downloaded 10K times
  8. The Lucky Clover app has been downloaded 10K times
  9. The King Blitz app has been downloaded 5K times
  10. 1K downloads for Lucky Hammer Bans by Google

In December 2022, Dr.Web for Android detected an increase in the activity of adware trojans and spyware. Also last month, Google Play was discovered to have a number of new threats from the Google Bans 12 Apps. These included dozens of scam apps and trojans that subscribed victims to paid services.

Whenever you download new apps, be on high alert. Install only trusted applications after checking the reviews.

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