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Golden Wedding Meaning – Is It 50th Wedding Anniversary?


Golden Weddings (50 years of marriage)

A golden wedding is a celebration of 50 years of marriage. In general, couples celebrate this date by renewing their marriage vows and celebrating their anniversary. In order to symbolize each wedding anniversary, a material was associated with it, and its name became a symbol for it. Although weddings are celebrated from the very first year (paper weddings), the most popular ones are silver weddings, which celebrate 25 years of marriage, and golden weddings, which celebrate 50 years of marriage.
There is no doubt that gold is one of the most valuable and beautiful metals in existence, and it has been associated with wealth and abundance throughout history. After 50 years, this material represents the strength and unbreakable nature of the marriage relationship.
In addition to reaffirming their vows and promises on their wedding day, many couples celebrate their golden wedding anniversary by hosting a party. There was a tradition in Germany to celebrate golden wedding anniversaries with a party for couples who had completed 50 years of marriage. These couples received a golden crown during the ceremony. Wedding rings made of gold are currently the most common tradition, which can be worn alone or replaced with new versions.

Silver Wedding (25 years of marriage)

A silver wedding marks the 25th anniversary of a marriage. In popular culture, each wedding anniversary is represented by a specific kind of material, representing the marriage’s strength and stability.
Couples celebrate their Silver Weddings and Golden Weddings as they symbolize the passing of decades of marriage and the renewal of vows.
Normally, Catholics celebrate their wedding anniversaries in churches where they renew vows with a priest’s blessing. A silver crown was given to couples after 25 years of marriage, and a gold one after 50 years. This tradition originated in Germany.
For each wedding anniversary, other symbols emerged over time. Today, the first year of marriage is symbolized by paper, and the 100th year by a jequitibá (centennial tree). The longer the marriage, the more precious the representative material becomes.

Weddings in Porcelain

Weddings celebrated after a period of 20 years are called porcelain weddings. A popular interpretation of porcelain refers to the fact that marriages remain intact even after two decades, implying resistance.
It is very important not to break porcelain, as it is a very delicate type of pottery.
Similarly to porcelain representing their zeal and attention. It represents the couple’s responsibility to preserve their marriage union over the last 20 years. Moreover, the entire process that is required to achieve the maximum quality of porcelain as a symbol of the twentieth wedding anniversary. It can be seen as another implication of its use as a symbol of the twentieth wedding anniversary.
The porcelain anniversary is usually celebrated with a party. Where friends and family gather to reaffirm the commitment and companionship forged over the years. Hence, the main purpose of wedding anniversary celebrations is to renew the wedding vows that were made on the wedding day.

Madeira Wedding

During the fifth year of marriage, Bodas de Madeira are celebrated. When the couple has been married for five years, they usually have a woodworking celebration. While some cultures use iron as a symbol for the fifth year of marriage (Iron Wedding), wood is more common.
A material that symbolises the couple’s relationship is traditionally associated with each wedding anniversary year.
Wooden weddings symbolize the strengthening and “rooting” of the relationship, which begins to generate “branches” (children), just like trees.

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