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How to Get More Followers on Threads?

How to Get More Followers on Threads

Threads is a most recent and fresh social media app, that help in sharing your videos and photos specifically with your close friends.

With its growing popularity, a lot of bloggers, influencers, and businesses are opting this platform so that they can bond with their respective audiences.

If your goal is to boost your appearance on Threads, then you are in good hands. This article will give you quite a few important and helpful tips that will come in hand how to get more followers on Threads and increase your audience on the app. It does not matter if you are a newbie or a professional in the territory of social media, we ensured to give advice that will be useful to everyone out there.

How to Get Followers on Threads?

We have mentioned some tips and tricks to help you get more followers on Threads. Have a look at the below mentioned methods:   

Profile Optimization

The first and foremost thing anyone takes notice of is your profile. Keep in mind to write every significant information. You can achieve this by writing a bio that tells people who you are, what are your interests, use related hashtags, etc. You can even add the link to your Instagram’s profile.

Regular Posts on Threads

The easy way to get more followers on Threads is by posting daily content that will keep the audience engaged. If you will post more, you are most likely to get the attention of more people. You can start by posting once per day and then increase the quantity day by day.

Regular Posts on Threads

Furthermore, while you are posting you need to make sure that the content is actually in accordance with what you do.

For example: you can make the posts about any motivational quote, your daily life routine, hobbies, travel videos, and pictures and you can also recommend your audience of the things and how your experience went.

Engaging content

People are going to keep following you if you actually post engaging stuff that your audience can relate with and it matches their interest as well. This way, word of mouth will spread like fire and your account will be recommended to other people by your followers.

Create and Post Engaging Content on Threads
Engaging content

Post Memes

The era we are living in today is attracted to memes more than anything. As memes are made to make people laugh and somehow relate to them in any way possible. When you will post any memes, unknown people will see your post and they will then share it with their friends etc which will in return make them go and check your profile.

Your post just has to go viral and this is the most quickest and easy way on Threads to get more followers.

Using Relatable Hashtags

People use hashtags often, because it is great way that will allow other people to discover your profile. Include hashtags in your posts and a caption that people can relate with.

Use Reliable Hashtags

Whatever your profile is about, you can try using that niches related hashtag as well as some famous hashtags of that current time.

Connect with People

Threads is an application where it is significant to interact and connect with other people. This can be done by commenting on the posts, liking it, as well as answering to the comments.

In no time you can get more followers on Threads when you include yourself in groups that are relevant to your interest and you can be part of different discussions. In this way, you will be able to learn more and broaden your perspective about things and build new relationships too!

Collaboration with other people

Collaborations help a lot in reaching new audience and connecting with them through other users platforms. You can cross-promote the business you own, and whatever your account is about. You can do collaborations through several ways like:

Joint Threads Account:

One of many unique ways to get more followers on Threads is by combining your expert opinion and creating content that will shed light on information in a fun way.

For example, if your account is about health and fitness, and then you do a collaboration with anyone emphasizing on physical exercise, both of you can work together on how eating and healthy and exercise go hand in hand and what impact does it have on your life.

Creating a joint thread will benefit both parties. You can go on live and interact with audiences and put your perspective on stuff. It will help the followers to better understand you and your work. You can also become interactive by providing them new information, doing polls, Q&A sessions etc.

Cross-Promotion of Content

Tag and share each other’s content and posts in your stories on your respective accounts. If you do not know any user, there is no issue at all as you can find and collaborate with other Threads user that you find have the same category as you. You can also join communities related to your interest as well. Reach out directly and ask them out whether they would like to collaborate with you. You also have to share your content on other social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Cross Promotion on Threads
Cross Promotion on Threads

Use of Threads Features

There are different ways to interact with your followers that will keep them liking your content and waiting to get more content from you. You can do this by going live, hosting a Q&A session, doing polls.

Showcasing Consistency

The major aspect of gaining more followers on Threads is by being consistent. You need to ensure your followers that you will not disappear after some time. Post regularly, promote your profile, interact with other people, etc.

Bloopers and What happens Behind the Scene

People love to see what unfolds behind the scene. You can show them the raw and unfiltered story behind your videos and photos that you share.

Posting Previews

If you have something exciting coming up in near future, you can post a little about it in your Instagram story. This will make your followers curious about wanting to see the whole thing. That little anticipation will lead them to eventually check your Threads profile.

Tagging People

When you tag anyone in your post, it will automatically grab their awareness and help you reach their targeted audience.

Tag People on Threads
Tag People on Threads

You just need to put in a little effort by typing the username, be it in the comments, captions, or a post.

Replying to People’s Threads

You can grow more followers on your Threads account by doing an easy thing. Reply to the Threads of others, this way they will also be aware of your presence be receiving a notification.

Just go to the comments section, click there and write your reply. And whichever comment looks interesting you can also reply to it too.

Sharing Threads post on the Instagram Profile

Reaching a broad range of audience and promoting your account can happen when you share the Threads posts on your Instagram’s account.

Share Threads post on the Instagram

Sharing any threads post is easy. Just tap on the top right corner where there are three dots. Then click on the ‘Share’ option and choose ‘Instagram’. Either post any video or photo to the story in your Instagram rofile. It is your call!

Thought-provoking things

You can engage your Threads followers more by asking them different questions that requires them to gather their thoughts and write more than a sentence about it. You can then reply back to their comments. It will be a two way interaction then.


You can ask your followers open ended questions. You can also hold a Q&A session with them and reverse the roles by letting them ask the questions and you being the respondent. It will be a fun interaction that you followers will most definitely love.


Can you buy followers on Threads?

The answer is yes, you can purchase Threads followers for your Threads account. But make sure to buy from trusty sites who’s offering real and active followers. Otherwise your account should banned or even suspended as it is against the policy of Threads.

How do you build an audience on Threads?

You can build your audience on Threads by engaging and sharing with your followers. Start creating and sharing content that your audience can relate with. Create your Thread or interact on other people’s posts to have meaningful discussions.

How do you go viral on Threads?

There are several ways to go viral. Some of them are listed below:

  • Start posting more visual content. Your followers want to see some content that is catchy and appealing to the eyes rather than some boring quotations every now and then.
  • Post with consistency. As it is the key to get more followers and success as well.
  • You should know what is popular in the world of social media. It will help you to post accordingly and help you to stay relevant.
  • Post unique as well as authentic content.
  • Yes, after achieving the engaged audience you can then begin to monetize your content. Sponsored post is one of the few ways.

Is Threads better than Twitter?

Threads verification game is way better than Twitter If your Instagram’s account is verified and then you make Threads accounts it will automatically be verified.

Are people still using Threads?

At its launch, initially the hype was everywhere but with the passage of time it lost its hype. But that does not necessarily mean it is not popular in the market anymore. People still use it, as shown in the statistics.

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