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Cha Cha Cha! Eurovision 2023 – Loreen at No 2!

Cha cha cha! Eurovision

It’s the 68th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and the excitement is building. This year will be better and bigger than ever. With millions across Europe and the rest of the world watching the competition, it takes place in the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain. The Cha cha cha! Eurovision 2023 Review!

Käärijä earns UK’s first Finnish-language hit! Loreen reaches No 2 & Käärijä reaches No 3

“Cha Cha Cha” is the theme for this year’s contest, with each country bringing a unique interpretation of this classic Latin dance. The songs are sure to be full of flair and panache, from the upbeat and energetic to the sultry and romantic.

A lot of exciting songs are already being announced by the participating countries, from the traditional Latin sounds of Brazil to the modern pop of the UK. It’s going to be an unforgettable night as Eurovision 2023 features an exciting mix of music, dance, and culture. So get ready for Cha Cha Cha – Cha cha cha! Eurovision 2023 is here!

What Loreen Said on Her Achievement?

With Tattoo, Loreen, representing Sweden, comes in at the No 2 spot with her explosive pop-meets-EDM ballad. In 2012, her winning entry, Euphoria, peaked at Number 3 in the UK chart: this is her second Eurovision win.

Source The Guardian:

Loreen expressed her gratitude to all her UK friends whom she has been with since day one for all the love and support she receives. My second home is the UK, and I am delighted to receive Tattoo’s new peak there. I appreciate your support. Our history is ours together.”

Taking home her second contest victory, Loreen becomes the only person to win the contest twice. Having won the contest twice with Euphoria in 2012 and Tattoo tonight, Loreen became the second person to win twice.

Kaarija joins Loreen at No 6. In a performance bursting with sleazy industrial sounds and high-camp Eurodance, the neon-bolero-clad singer became a fan favourite at Saturday night’s Liverpool final. In its 71-year history, this is also the first Finnish-language top 40 hit.

Loreen’s winning reprise

After the results were announced, LucianEgon pointed out that there were “technicians working overtime” to get Loreen’s winning reprise back on stage.

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