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Jaguar Land Rover Announced to Hire 300 Apprentices in 2023

In its transition to an electrified future, Jaguar Land Rover will hire around 300 apprentices in the UK in 2023.
Jaguar Land Rover expects to recruit over 800 people through its early careers programs in 2023, up 55% from last year and setting a new record. As part of Jaguar Land Rover’s early careers program, more than 300 apprenticeship positions will be open for application in January.

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Century Celebrated of Tomb Tutankhamun by Howard Carter

Members of the Egypt Study Circle presented displays to the Royal Philatelic Society London on 17 November. This was to mark the centenary of Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun on 4 November 1922. On the 50th anniversary of the discovery, the British Post Office issued a stamp commemorating the discovery in 1972 for 3p. Tutankhamun […]

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Medusa London Concert 2023

Medusa Live Boat Party Concert 2023 will be started on the River Thames. To join this live event you must need to be ready on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2023 at 11.30PM to 3.30pm is the correct time, the meeting point is at Temple Pier Victoria Embankment, London. This Medusa London Concert is very amazing and […]

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The London International Horse Show 2022

If you are one of the Sport Lover and interested in Horse show then this event is bringing lot of fun for you. In this event you will see beautiful and UK top rated Horses. This horse event will be started THU, DEC 15 AT 2 PM UTC+05 in London. Everyone will be able to […]

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Royal Funeral for Queen Elizabeth Burial Westminster Abbey

Royal Funeral for Queen Elizabeth A shrine in the sanctuary contains the relics of Edward the Confessor, a royal saint. Many Plantagenet kings and their wives, as well as many of their relatives, were buried nearby. Most kings and queens were buried in the abbey until the death of George II in 1760. Charles I, […]

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Drug Driving Manchester a Lorry Overturned

Drug Driving Manchester: Several hours after a lorry overturned, a man was arrested on suspicion of drug driving There were large pieces of wreckage left behind after a lorry overturned near Wigan’s motorway link road. The M6 and M58 motorways’ Orrell Interchange was closed this morning (November 26) due to an incident involving police. After […]

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Mikhail Baryshnikov Award London Nov 2022

Awarded the Academy’s highest honor for a distinguished career, Mikhail Baryshnikov is primarily recognized for his contribution to the development of ballet art. The award ceremony, Carrie Bradshaw, Brodsky and the British capital are all connected to London. Today, it is considered one of the most prestigious honors in ballet and dance, bearing the name […]

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Jupiter LXI Moon Sounds and Diameters

Astronomers led by Brett J. Gladman, et al. discovered Jupiter LXI, provisionally known as S/2003 J 19, in 2003. There are three large 31mm Belomorites, one Moonstone and one octahedral Fluorite of periwinkle color, all from Jupiter LXI. Soon after Jupiter’s Galilean moons were discovered in 1610 by Simon Marius, the four were named Io, […]

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