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Brexit is back on the front pages of British newspapers

Brexit 2023

Do the Sunak government and the staunch Brexit supporters want to move closer to the EU? New data fuels the debate – but the prime minister denies it.

Is Brexit Really Back?

It’s like being back in the future: British newspapers are devoted to Brexit again. “Don’t cheat us on Brexit,” wrote the Daily Mail on Monday as it advised the government against further trade agreements with the EU.

Jeremy Hunt’s possible move towards the EU prompted many Tories to worry yesterday, according to the Financial Times. EU-UK relations are still ideologically charged when it comes to how they should be shaped.

Due to the severe economic crisis, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sought to rapproche with the EU based on the Swiss model last weekend.

According to Sunak, in a speech to the British Confederation of Industry, “we will not be forced to adopt EU law under my leadership. I believe in Brexit.”

Action is driven by economic misery

A number of figures have fuelled the debate about relations with the EU. There is currently an inflation rate of 11.1%. According to the Independent Economic Forecasting Authority, the UK economy will shrink by 1.4 percent in 2023.

In favor of Brexit, many politicians argue that it is primarily due to the war in Ukraine. According to OBR experts, the UK’s trade will be 15 percent lower than if it remained in the EU over the next few years.

Individual trade agreements can stimulate trade, according to Brexit advocates. There seems to be a problem with that. As of now, only three agreements have been signed with the EU, Australia, and New Zealand.

Last week, former Trade Secretary George Eustice questioned the UK’s contribution to the Australia deal: “I must conclude the UK gave more than it received.””

A mistake has been made with Brexit

The deteriorating economic situation in Britain has now led many Britons to wonder what part Brexit might play in it. As a result of leaving the EU, food prices were expected to drop, more money would be available for the NHS, and the economy could be more innovative.

It appears, however, that scepticism is on the rise. British citizens believe Brexit was a mistake, according to a recent YouGov poll. It is estimated that a fifth of those who voted to leave were wrong in their decision.

More immigrants are needed for the economy

According to the British industry association, skilled workers are also in short supply. Immigrants are being urged to be eased by business representatives. A new immigration law announced by Prime Minister Sunak will attract the brightest minds.

The goal of Sunak is to reduce refugee migration across the English Channel. A core promise of Brexit supporters was to reduce the number of refugees. Compared to other European countries, England only receives a small number of refugees.

New English Channel Migration Agreement between France and Great Britain

The French and British governments are seeking an agreement to prevent migrants from crossing the English Channel.

Solutions that are pragmatic are still difficult to find

In a speech before British industry representatives on Tuesday, Labor leader Keir Starmer was also not critical of the government’s asylum policy. “Cheap labour is no longer part of our growth strategy,” he writes. “Skilled workers are the key to growth.”

There was no mention of Brexit by the opposition politician. There is still restraint in the discussion about the exit and how to handle its consequences pragmatically. The parties consider it difficult to convince voters on this issue.

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