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Birthday or Anniversary – What is the difference?


Birthday Anniversary

There is a common doubt among English students about the difference between ‘Birthday’ and ‘Anniversary’. In what contexts and at what time can we use these words interchangeably?
Despite the fact that they both mean the same thing in theory, the contexts in which they are to be used vary greatly.
Birthday is a word that is made up of two words: “birth” meaning the birth of a child, and “day” meaning the day of the child. Therefore, we use the word birthday to greet someone on their birthday.

Example – The date of his birthday is December 10th

There is already an anniversary in common use when we refer to something that has been inaugurated, such as a wedding, a company or a company anniversary, any congratulation that is not about the birthday of someone.
Example: The holiday is to commemorate the anniversary of the city
This and many other expressions will be taught to you with English, and you will be ready to face any challenge that the language may present to you!


You can think of a birthday as the day when you were born, while a birthday (meaning yearly return) is the event that you celebrate when you return from your birthday every year of your life. You celebrate this particular event to make it memorable. So you will have a first birthday, a second birthday, and so on until your present birthday.
Each time you have a birthday, the number of candles on your cake will also increase in ascending order.
A birthday was a unique event in your timeline. Certain sciences like astrology can show a significant difference between the date of your birthday and your birthday.

  • January is the month when I celebrate my birthday.
  • My birthday is in January.
  • In September, my son will have his birthday.
  • It is going to be my son’s birthday in September.
  • My father gave me a car for my eighteenth birthday as a gift from him.
  • My dad gave me a car for my eighteenth birthday as a gift.
  • There were so many wonderful gifts I received for my birthday!
  • A lot of wonderful presents were given to me for my birthday!

Happy Anniversary!

The term anniversary refers to every kind of anniversary, except for the anniversary of birth. There is only one time when we use it for people, and that is to talk about the anniversary of their death.

  • It is the first anniversary of his death today.
  • It is the first anniversary of his passing today.
  • Hence, in order to talk about the anniversary of a company, a city, or even a wedding, we will use the word anniversary. Check this out:
  • In May, I will be celebrating my 9th wedding anniversary with my husband.
  • During the month of May, I will be celebrating my ninth wedding anniversary.
  • I am celebrating my two-year anniversary of quitting smoking today.
  • I am celebrating my two-year anniversary of being smoke-free today.

There can be a lot of work and effort involved in organizing an anniversary celebration for your company.

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