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Actor Angus Cloud Net Worth with Biography


Recently updated $3 to $4 million, Angus Cloud net worth in previous year is $200,000. 24 Years Old, He was born in Oakland, California. Angus cloud height (m) is 1.73. His religion is Christianity (Christendom). 

Angus Cloud Fez Euphoria

His famous roles include Euphoria (2019) and IWA Pro Wrestling TV (2007), as well as hosting the popular show Fezco on HBO’s Euphoria. The series depicts him taking over the love interest Rue de él and dropping out of high school. In the show, Angus also starts his own drug business. In addition, Angus worries about his friend Rue’s health. Zendaya plays the role of Rue in the show.

Family, education, and early years of Angus Cloud

He was born in Oakland, California, USA in 1994 to his parents. As for Cloud’s educational qualifications, she attended the Oakland School of the Arts School of Production Design. Cloud’s family still lives in Ireland. She also worked at a chicken-and-waffle restaurant in Brooklyn, Angus, near the Barclays Center. A casting agent for Euphoria noticed him there. Angus originally intended to travel with his family to Ireland before being cast, but she thought Venditti was cheating.

Furthermore, Angus stated in an interview with WSJ that he hoped to become a cartoon voice actor in the future.

Achievements and Career of Angus Cloud

In spite of his dubious occupation, Fez is a fan favourite on the show because of his sense of morality. This is unusual for someone with a career that manipulates people’s vices. In the same way that Cloud accurately portrays how good people sometimes find themselves in challenging circumstances, Fez is more than meets the eye. This is just as many other characters in the film are. In the HBO teen drama Euphoria, he plays Fezco, a drug dealer who is a high school dropout. As the person who gave recovering addict Rue Bennett the drugs that put her in life-threatening situations, her character would be dismissed quickly.


There is no information regarding Angus Cloud’s girlfriend or his dating history. Currently, he is focused on his career.


As for his social media availability, he is available on Instagram as angusnube and is also available on Twitter as angusnube. His net worth is estimated to be around $200,000. His principal source of income is acting. People are always interested in searching about how tall is angus cloud?

This is what Angus Cloud can’t live without

As we all know, it’s not uncommon for celebrities to add items to their carts. The JAR brooch and Louis XV chair did not come from the hair spray and electric toothbrush. In addition to being the face of Rockstar Energy Drinks, Euphoria actor Angus Cloud recently launched a capsule collection with Billionaire Boys Club and Rockstar Energy. We asked him which fast-food cheeseburgers he prefers, what disposable cameras he likes, and his first Rolex.

However, Few Fans have been left in hysterics after Euphoria’s Angus Cloud video surfaced.

At an Oscar party Dec, 2023 hosted by Vanity Fair earlier this year, the actor, 24, who stars as drug dealer Fez in HBO’s hit drama featuring Zendaya, was interviewed.

Recent Activities – Angus Cloud, from follower to ambassador of Ralph Lauren

From Ralph Lauren follower to ambassador, Angus Cloud. Thanks to the success of HBO’s Euphoria, the actor who plays Fez has become a fashion icon and a benchmark for “preppy” style.

For Ralph Lauren, handpicking personalities to represent its brand and values is a key aspect of its success. A perfect choice for his most casual line of fragrances is the new signing of the American company: Angus Cloud.

Recently, the artist has become a fashion icon as well as one of the protagonists of the teen drama Euphoria. The numerous events to which Cloud is invited due to his recent fame, Cloud updates his followers through his social networks with all the looks he wears.

The major fashion firms capitalize on the artist’s sweet moment by including him in their most outstanding fashion shows, aware of the expectations he generates everywhere he goes and the impact his outfits have on children.

In a recent campaign for the Polo fragrance, the actor who plays Fez in HBO’s fiction appeared as the main figure. We were impressed by Angus’ authenticity, kindness, and his unique style when we met him at an event last December 2022, said Ralph Lauren Fragrances President Alexandre Choueiri. In relation to the choice. Read More at Angus Cloud Wiki

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